And the trend is up …

Not the main topic of this post, but there was a definite upward trend in the Geelong footy score today, handing Melbourne a massive 233 – 47 defeat. Not much more than a training run for the Geelong boys really, Melbourne were pretty insipid I’m afraid. Only one goal short of the all-time AFL record score of 239 too, the only silver lining of missing the record of course is that it is a record that Geelong already holds (1992 vs Brisbane). Go Cats!

The “upward trend” referred to in the post title is my weight, up again this week, only a 100g increase from last week at 73.9kg, but still the trend is unmistakable. I spent most of Feb, Mar and the first half of April in the 70s, rest of April and the first half of May in the 71s, rest of May and first half of June in the 72s, and now at the end of July find myself nearly in the 74s.

I know why too. It’s easy really, I’ve gone off the rails a bit with my eating, eating far too many sweet treats like biscuits and pretty much abandoning my attempt at primal eating. Earlier in the year I was really being good concentrating on salads and vegetables and avoiding the bad things. I’ve also lapsed back into eating bread (or muffins) every breakfast too. I’m also drinking wine almost every night, not a lot, but a couple of glasses most nights. This month I’ve abandoned my strength training routine too which I am sure is not helping. Add to that no running for a couple of months (for me running seems to drop weight far quicker than anything else) and you easily explain the upward trend.

So, August is time to get things back on the rails. For a start August is going to be wine free (eating out or social occasions can be an exception, but I will give up the nightly couple of glasses), and back on the “nearly Primal” eating plan. A “three runs per week” goal is also part of the plan.

Very sore quads after yesterdays run so today has been a rest day, but tomorrow I am planning an early,  slow 10km with Alex.


5 Responses to “And the trend is up …”

  1. Carla Says:

    As long as you catch the upward trend before it gets out of hand which it seems like you are doing. My weight also creeps up when I eat bread and pasta! 😦 I have found this summer harder than usual to stay on track because there has been so many parties and meals out!

  2. Jaykay Says:

    I hear you Andrew. I have found it so difficult to keep control of my weight lately, and lots of white bread, chocolate and cakes have not helped at all!

    August is also a get back on track for me as I have an engagement party to go to at the end of the month and I am also going to Qld at the beginning of September for a couple of weeks, so being in better shape than I am currently is pretty high on my agenda!

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I can relate to this a lot. I feel the best when I eat primal (some butter and cream included, so not strictly paleo), but I tend to fall off the wagon with carbs. I’m such a bad sucker for sugar, and I’m sure I have a genetical disposition to sugar addiction. Bread, pasta, potatoes, etc do the same with me: The more I eat, the hungrier I get (for carbs). I’m still torn regarding brown rice because I like it so much, and legumes as an alternative to animal protein, but I feel don’t feel as well when eating them as I do when I have only meat / fish and veggies. I know that I have to be very strict and careful with my eating because I’m at a point that my body doesn’t forgive anymore (and this is bad at an age of 28).

  4. sassydrcil Says:

    It is good that you are monitoring your weight. Well done – a kilo or two rather than ten or twenty to lose – that is better.

  5. Em Says:

    It’s fecking winter is what it is! I dare not get on the scales, way too much comfort food of the refined carb variety has been consumed.

    But warmer days are ahead, all that yummy fruit will come in season and the sun will make us feel better again so comfort food won’t need to take it’s place.

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