A new toy …

Well not exactly a toy, because it is going to be used for work mainly, but tonight I picked up my new laptop (ordered on the weekend), an Apple 13″ MacBook Air.

It is so light and thin, it is going to be so much more comfortable in my backpack as I ride to work. So, as you always do, I’ve spent the last couple of hours setting up and installing various things. Also got the new Lion OS to get used to – seems ok so far.

It’s been an incredibly, stupidly busy few days at work, seem to be getting terribly behind with lots of projects queuing up and noone with time to do them. I’ve had early starts, late finishes and have been finishing the days with still 30-50 unread emails. It’s all quite depressing really.

I went for a run last night, again just a 6km loop, and the run felt okay, but afterwards my calves were killing me, really, really tight. I’m honestly beginning to wonder if I even want to run any more, thinking maybe that sticking to the bike may be a better plan for me.

The night before I did a home workout, the first for a while, and the plan is to do another one tonight.

Another day off tomorrow, hoping to do something nice, not sure what.


2 Responses to “A new toy …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:


  2. Bill Wallace Says:

    Oh yeah, it just works …. LOL

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