A quiet Saturday …

Having a rest day today cardio wise as I’m planning a bike ride with a workmate tomorrow morning, and he is a little younger than me, a stronger rider (although he says he hasn’t been riding much recently), and the planned ride is a bit longer than I’ve been doing recently. So, better keep something in the tank for tomorrow! Therefore a sleep-in seemed like a good way to start the weekend.

At weigh-in this morning I was happy to see a 600g drop from last week. So, the wine-less August and some more mindful eating seems to have arrested the upward trend over the last few weeks (despite a relatively low exercise week). Watching what you eat (and drink) really is the key, isn’t it?

I’ve been eyeing off some of the Cadel Evan’s Tour de France framed memorabilia that has been advertised since his win, but it’s all horrendously expensive, and not even signed. So, I decided to get a little creative and make my own. I bought the Australia Post commemorative stamp sheet that was released last week which will be the centrepiece. Around that will be 10 photos I printed yesterday, and a little creative work on the computer for the text banner. Getting this properly framed with a custom-cut mat at the local picture-framer will result in a “one of a kind” reminder at a fraction of the cost.

Struggled to watch the mighty Cats demolish Gold Coast this afternoon because of the hopeless quality of the Foxtel satellite reception. Ours seems to cut out repeatedly when we’re watching live sports. When you ring them you struggle to get to talk to an actual person. Does anyone else have this problem? I’m seriously considering ditching it. If every time you want to watch something, it is really bad reception, or no picture at all, what’s the point?

Just went out to check my tyres and lube the chain on my bike in preparation for tomorrows bike ride and am very glad I did. The tube was starting to poke through a cut in the side wall of the rear tyre. I was glad I had the two spare tyres I bought on Wiggle a while back, so I put on a new rear tyre. It would have been worse to have found that at 6am tomorrow morning!


3 Responses to “A quiet Saturday …”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    I watched the dog trailer – awesome!
    I thought the cats vs gcs game would have been difficult to watch because it would have been a cringe-fest.

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Whee, I’d love to see your artwork on here! How cool you’re going to make that! 🙂

    I totally agree, sensible eating and drinking is the key to balance. At least for me, that makes even more than exercise.

  3. morseyruns Says:

    Damn- I am really going to have to give up wine again aren’t! You are so good with your focus- I will try very hard this week using you as my guide.

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