Nicknames …

As I have yet another late night teleconference tonight (11pm-2am) I decided to leave work an hour or so early so I could fit in a bike ride. I headed out for a little over an hour and pushed myself a little, getting through a bit over 31km in a little over an hour.

A day of tomorrow and am planning a trip into the city to join the Melbourne welcome for Cadel Evans.

The inspiration for today’s installment in my one a day series inspired by Kath’s tag came from a conversation we had at work today about nicknames.

Things You May Not Know About Me – No. 4

I have had a few nicknames in my life, and am fortunate that there were really none of them that I didn’t like.

  • “Pom” – I was referred to as “Pom” by quite a few of the kids at high school, obviously due to my English heritage. These days it might be looked at as a racial slur, but it was friendly and I was always proud of my birth country.
  • “Hayse” – this is a shortened form of my surname and rhymes with “race”. This was my nickname from most of my closest friends for most of my childhood and teenage years. My closest friend Herb (and all his family) still use this nickname and never call me Andrew. I love the fact that a lot of Chris’s friends also use this nickname for him.
  • “Doug” – this was a nickname for a couple of years at University. Doug Wade was a famous Australian Rules footballer, who played full forward for Geelong in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. He was also not a skinny chap. At University I also played full forward for the college team, was not a skinny chap then either and was a Geelong supporter. Someone therefore likened me to Doug Wade, and the nickname “Doug” stuck. At the time I was going out with Adrienne (we met at college) and she was often referred to as “Mrs. Wade” too. This one was fun and always amused me.
  • “Grizzly” – this was a nickname I got for a few years at work, and it wasn’t a comment on my demeanour. The basketball club I coached for and ran was called the Greenvale Grizzlies and I have a favourite club jacket that had a huge embroidered Grizzly Bear on the back, that I used to wear into work in the winter. One of the accountants started calling me “Grizzly” and for  while it stuck too.
  • “Fridge” – during my early years at work I played in an indoor cricket team and got this nickname purely based on my size (I was quite solid at the time). Again, I didn’t mind this as it was always used in a very friendly way.
  • “Chief” or “Boss” – this one is obviously due to my role at work, but it amuses me that a couple of my ex-employees, who haven’t worked for me for a long time, still greet me as “Boss” both in person and in electronic written communication.

What is your nickname ?


5 Responses to “Nicknames …”

  1. Beki Says:

    TOHs nickname for me is Bubbles. he’ll tell you it’s because I fart a lot but it’s actually due to my terrible memory and short attention span lol (everyone knows that girls don’t fart…)

  2. Pippa * Jeanne Says:

    Wow, that was interesting! I never had a nickname at school, varsity or elsewhere, except what my family called me, and by this time you know that, too! =)

    So, do you still speak with a Pommie accent? Or are you thoroughly Australianized by now? I’ve always wondered…

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Hahaha, *quite* the nicknames! 😀

    I never had a real nickname. Katharina is not so nice for nicknames, at least not in German. 😕 I’m Katha for most of my friends. My parents still call me Nini because this is what I called myself when I was little. My mom sometimes also called me Scheußchen which is a sweet form of scheußlich (German word for terrible), but now she doesn’t do that anymore.

  4. morseyruns Says:

    I was called Moose in 1989 and it stuck- I have some friends who still call me Moose, as do their parents. I get Morsey and occasionally I get “Inspector”!

  5. sassydrcil Says:

    My nicknames…Don’t really have any, but my name is mispronounced regularly.

    I am sometimes called Cil.
    Somebody has started referring to me as CJ.
    The nurses at work call me Doctor Cilla, but I ask them to just call me Cilla.
    I am sure people have names for me that are not appropriate for polite company.

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