A win for George …

I was very happy to see George Hincapie take a stage win in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge yesterday. George is one of those “team riders” who expends so much effort normally riding for the team, or the team leader, so it is wonderful when someone like that manages to pull off a stage win for themselves. George equalled the record this year for the most Tour de France starts (with his sixteenth) and has been a part of nine Tour de France victories (with Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador and Cadel Evans) so he has a great Tour de France record.

Go George!

For me the main exercise this week has been riding to and from work, I haven’t taken the car once, riding every day. It has been wonderful weather and we’ve even taken some short walks each day at lunchtime too – roll on Spring is all I can say. Also a couple of home workouts thrown in for good measure.

2 Responses to “A win for George …”

  1. Maureen Says:

    What do you do for your home workout?

    I am finally beginning to understand the strategy behind the various Tours. I love watching them.

  2. Em Says:

    George really does have that classic Hero face doesn’t he

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