August wrap … and some Canadian music

Just a quick ride after work (just over 21km in 45 minutes) before it got dark, then a short home workout after dinner to finish off the training journal month.

Hard to believe another month is gone, isn’t it. It’s been a lighter exercise month for me. Again, very little running (only 3 runs for a total of 18kms). A reasonable month on the bike, but less than the previous month (432km). An improved month on the “home workout” front after doing none last month (13 workouts for just about five and a half hours duration).  So, I do feel a little disappointed with my effort this month, but probably shouldn’t feel too bad as it is about 50 minutes a day of exercise on average, better than many people do I suppose.

Last weekend on Rockwiz they featured Canadian singer Serena Ryder. She sang a duet with Melbourne singer Lior of a classic song by another Canadian icon. One of my favourite songs of all time I have to say, and Serena Ryder was a delight during the show, she has a smile that could knock you off your chair.

Check out their performance here.

Writing this reminded me of another Canadian band that I used to love (still do, but don’t listen to them much – don’t know why), but do have this, my favourite track of theirs, in my Running Playlist. Totally different to the above, but cool all the same. A unique voice for sure.

Check it if you are “In the Mood”.

I know I have a few Canadian readers. Is Serena Ryder big over there? Any of her albums worth checking out? Any other good Canadian music?


2 Responses to “August wrap … and some Canadian music”

  1. Carla Says:

    I have never heard of Serena Ryder!!! But I of course have heard of Rush!!

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I’m very sure that the majority of people doesn’t exercise as much as you do, even if you have a “low exercise” month!

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