Yessss !!!!

We are Geelong, the greatest team of all
We are Geelong, we’re always on the ball,
We play the game as it should be played,
At home or far away,
Our banners fly high, from dawn to dark,
Down at Kardinia Park.


What a wonderful way to end a really busy, busy week. A wonderful win to the mighty Cats, a great way to start the finals, earning a weeks rest. Tough to see young Daniel Menzel injure himself though.

It has been a really busy few days at work, so looking forward to another weekend. I rode to work Tuesday and Wednesday, and had a nice hard, hour long ride last night after work to work out some frustration. I was planning to run tonight but the pouring rain kept me inside for an hour’s worth of home workout instead.

Great to see Melbourne Storm do so well at the NRL Dally M Medal presentation, especially the wonderful little Billy Slater winning the Dally M for the first time.

Of course we’re hoping for the repeat of the pattern of 2007 and 2009 where Geelong and Melbourne Storm were both premiers.


6 Responses to “Yessss !!!!”

  1. oldgirlnewtricks Says:

    Sounds like your team is doing well. Glad you were able to cycle to work a couple of days this week. I admire your ability to stick to it.

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Whee, you finally had a great time again! 😀

  3. blues buffett Says:

    Check the record books Andrew. Merlbourne Storm last won in 1999.
    Congratulations on the Cats though. I still tipping Geelong vs Collingwood…

    • Andrew(AJH) Says:

      In the NRL Grand Final games that were played in 2007 and 2009 the team playing in the Melbourne Storm colours won on the day. That the games were taken away later is a mere technicality. Anyway, I hope Storm win this year just to stick it up the NRL, we all know how much it burns the NRL hierarchy to have a Victorian team do well!

  4. blues buffett Says:

    Wow you took the bait didn’t you?
    They were stripped of the premierships for clear and major salary cap breaches. I think we’ve had this discussion before. Canterbury also lost all their points one year before the finals when they quite probably would have won. It’s not a Melbourne thing; people here hate Qld not Vic teams.
    The rules are clear, and I am surprised more people haven’t been charged. But then again it’s business so why would they?
    Anyway, the Storm have a chance to win another premiership this year, and it could be interesting. I’m tipping Storm vs Broncos. I’d like the Storm to win because the Broncos are a Qld team.
    However, I’m tipping Broncos: 6/6 Grand Final wins is pretty impressive.

  5. sassydrcil Says:

    They are doing well, the catters!

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