Busy, busy …

Just a short catch-up post again as I am again crazy busy. I did manage to get in a nice ride with Herb on Sunday morning, down along the Maribyrnong to Docklands for coffee and back up the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail. Then the last two days I have ridden to and from work, but have “wimped it” on the way home, choosing to brave the traffic on the shorter route rather than the magpies that have been attacking me at at least two spots on the longer “bike path” route home.

It’s business planning time at work and with my responsibility changes earlier in the year, now rather than preparing staffing and infrastructure budgets for just Australia, I now have Singapore, China and India thrown in too. Tomorrow is my initial presentation to the boss, so wish me luck.

To celebrate the bike rides over the last few days, here’s a lovely new little biker smiley from Kath.


One Response to “Busy, busy …”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Good luck with your presentation Andrew.

    I have not commented for ages…but still reading 🙂

    Have not had any magpie swoopings out here…the only advantage to living in an ugly suburb with no trees I guess!

    Cute smiley!

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