Too old, too slow …

Too old, too slow … that’s what a lot of pundits said about the Geelong team at the start of this year. After losing arguably their best player Gary Ablett to the new Gold Coast team, and their two-time premiership coach Mark Thompson to Essendon, many had written them off.

Well today, they proved everyone wrong. Today they showed they definitely are one of the “greatest teams of all” (as their theme song goes). Today they made me very happy and today they made me very proud.

The game was tight until three-quarter time, but Geelong dominated in the final quarter with a five goal to nothing effort, to win by 38 points, 18.11(119) to 12.9(81).

Jimmy Bartel showed that he truly is one of the best players around, especially in the wet, with another best on ground performance to win the Norm Smith Medal.

There are many wonderful stories around today’s win, amongst them

  • Tom Lonergan, one of the almost unbeatable Geelong defence, winning a premiership medal after nearly losing his life in a serious injury during a game in 2006 which resulted in him losing a kidney. Lonergan was hugely important today, he kept the Magpies most dangerous forward, Travis Cloke, very quiet after being moved onto him after quarter time.
  • Steve Johnson managing not only to play, but being the top goal kicker with 4 goals, after completely dislocating his patella in last weeks game against West Coast.
  • James Podsiadly, despite injuring his shoulder today, and being substituted, will be very happy with his premiership medal. Podsiadly was recruited as a mature age player in the rookie draft in 2009 and played his first game in 2010. Prior to that he was on the fitness and conditioning staff at the club.
  • Tom Hawkins has copped a lot of criticism from media and such but has showed in the last few games, and again today, that he has a lot to offer. His strong marking, three goals in the third quarter and assist for a Steve Johnson goal in the final quarter today were vital.
  • Geelong, who beat Collingwood three times this year, were the only team to do so.
  • New coach Chris Scott winning a premiership in his first year.

It was a very good day for my very lucky daughter too. She visited the TAB with her brother this morning for the first time. She had a bet on Travis Varcoe to kick the first goal, and another “double” on Varcoe for first goal and Jimmy Bartel to win the Norm Smith medal. She ended the day $750 richer. Wonder what she is going to buy me?

Travis Varcoe and Jimmy Bartel celebrate

James Podsiadly is stretchered off after injuring his shoulder

The “Tomahawk” was very imposing today

Geelong captain Cameron Ling with the AFL Premiership cup

When I saw “Stevie J” injure his knee last week I thought he was gone for the season. He proved he is tougher than that to be the top goal scorer today.

New coach Chris Scott has impressed this year, not only with the teams performance but also with his humility and the way he has handled the media.

So, thank you Mighty Cats, you’ve made my day. I’m four bottles of red wine richer too, I hope those Collingwood supporters who owe me choose some decent ones!


6 Responses to “Too old, too slow …”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    Super win. There are 70,000 official Collingwood members. Let’s say there are three times that Australian Magpie supporters.
    The Australian population is about 22.7 million.
    That means about 22.5 million Australians are rejoicing tonight, thankful that the Colliwobbles have struck again. 15 premierships and 26 grand final losses.
    Great win, enjoy your reds. It’s a sweet victory for a team they wrote off, and an especial raspberry to Bomber Thompson.

  2. oldgirlnewtricks Says:

    A lost kidney and a dislocated patella… I don’t think I’ll take up rugby as a retirement activity!!!

    • Andrew(AJH) Says:

      It’s Australian Rules Football Maureen, not rugby. We do play rugby here too (both rugby league and rugby union), but the Aussie Rules is very different, much faster moving and all kicking and hand passing but no throwing.

  3. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Yawn! How much longer do we have to listen to this one-eyed nonsense. I’d liket o remind you that when it came to the crunch, the Swannies ripped the Cats a new one!

    Swans 2012!

  4. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Great! Sports “miracles” are so uplifting and blissy! 🙂

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