Upward trend …

I don’t much like the upward trend in my weight, only 500g under the upper limit of my 70-75kg target range this morning. Even more extreme is the upward trend in my body fat percentage according to my scales. It is well outside of my 15-20% target range now, at 21.3%. As you’ll see from my Nerdy McNerd graphs below, both the weight and BF have trended up through this year, but the BF line is sloping upwards more steeply. I’m not too confident about the accuracy of the BF measurement on my scales. Historically it has gone up and down quite wildly, now though the downward bits seem to have disappeared.

I know the three main reasons for the above are my lack of running, the diet not being as strictly observed, and the fact that I’m drinking a bit more alcohol, so I guess all in my control to fix.

Speaking of alcohol, I couldn’t go past buying a slab of these today.

Melbourne Marathon day tomorrow, so good luck to all of you are doing the whole 42kms. For me it will be a 5km struggle. Still not sure how to approach it, but will probably go out at PB pace and see how long it lasts (my guess is not very long). I haven’t run at all for over three weeks so it isn’t going to be pretty, and it seems that the weather is not going to be too kind either. Looking forward to catching up with a few of you afterwards for a beer though!


3 Responses to “Upward trend …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    I am now too scared to graph my weight! You have done well to stay within your range for so long and I am sure you will be able get down back to the lower end again. Good luck for tomorrow.

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I’m sure you’ll be able to adjust this! Slipping with the diet, too many drinks, and moving too little is the classical trias for weight gain. For me, diet is the most important factor that, but I find it almost impossible to lose weight by just increasing exercise.

    Good luck for the run! Hope everything will go well and your knee won’t hurt!

  3. sassydrcil Says:

    More of you to love, Andrew!

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