Aussie Night …

In a little over two weeks I’m off to Beijing, China for a business trip. The event is a conference for all of the senior IT staff of our company (about 70 people). As it is in Asia, the powers-that-be have decided we will have “theme nights”. The first night we are there is a stand-up “cocktail function” and it is “Aussie Night”. So, we have to “make it Aussie”. Having already determined that the hotel we are using can not do food and drink “Aussie style”, it’ll be up to me and the one other Aussie attending to “put on a show”.

My thoughts to date are to decorate the room with Aussie stuff (Aussie flag, boxing kangaroo, etc. etc), create a photo montage presentation that can run on a big screen with lots of Aussie images, with lots of good Aussie music playing. We’ve been asked to do a bit of a “This is Australia” presentation and possibly do something like a bit of a trivia quiz.

If anyone has any ideas they will be gratefully received. So,

  • what do you consider “good classic Aussie music”?
  • do you know any good Aussie jokes (that are clean and not inappropriate)?
  • any good trivia ideas (something that is slightly interesting or amusing)?
  • what to include in a “This is Australia” presentation?

Given that I’m a bloody pom, this is going to be tough 🙂


8 Responses to “Aussie Night …”

  1. kathryn Says:

    music = cold chisel of course, slim dusty, you am i, ac/dc. Jet is really popular in Japan (not sure about China) and Kylie is pretty well known overseas.

    take a sherrin and have a hand ball competition – that’s Aussie culture 🙂 you could also grab a bag of those clip on koalas from one of the tourist shops for fun prizes.

    My English students loved learning about BYO in Australia cos it’s unknown in Asian culture so that’s a good thing to include in a trivia quiz. Also Mad Max is really popular with older (30-40 yo) Asian men!

  2. Sharon Says:

    Andrew we did something similar to this for the Spanish people Mat worked with when we lived overseas. Music we played was Jimmy Barnes, Midnight Oil, Kylie and INXS

    Someone from Australia came over with minties (we put little signs on the bowl so people knew they could be chewy or hard…didn’t want to crack anyones dentures!)

    It was an outdoor event (I think that made it easier) so we made lamingtons and turned it into a BBQ. There was also cricket set up

    The clip on Koala idea is great.

    Maybe some of these sites can help:

    Hope it goes well, your last sentence cracked me up!

  3. sassydrcil Says:

    Two letters: VB.

  4. offthelongrun Says:

    Why not have a “landmark” competition?

    Opera House
    Harbour Bridge
    Churches in Adelaide
    Flinders St station
    The Shrine
    Monkey Mia
    Wave Rock
    Theme parks – gold coast
    Big pineapple

    Etc etc

    Aussie Beers with the name inked out
    Name the Aussie competition – famous aussies

  5. Twocatz Says:

    Aussie music classics: –

    Down Under – men at work
    Great Southern Land – Icehouse
    Run to paradise – The Choirboys
    Something by Cowded house, Powderfinger, Jimmy Barnes (cold chisel) John Butler Trio, the badloves, Skunkhour, COG, The Butterfly Effect, Temper Trap, Sugar Army, Karnivool, Faker, Birds of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe, Pete Murray, Alex Lloyd, The Whitlams, Air Supply (will need vomit bucket), Dragon, Skyhooks, Ash Grunwald, Augie March, Boom Crash Opera, the casanovas, Cut Copy, Sneaky Sound Sydtem, The Presets, Dead Letter Circus, Epicure, Eva Trout, Expatriate, Hoodo Gurus, Hunters and Collectors, Machine Gun Fellatio, Mick Hart, Motor Ace, Shihad, Pacifier, Rocket Science, Something for Kate, The Givegoods, Taxiride, Things of Stone and Wood, The Vines, Silverchair, Wendy Matthews, Wolfmother, Youth Group, Xavier Rudd, The Mess Hall, Jet, AC/DC, You Am I, Spiderbait, Pseudo Echo,

  6. Twocatz Says:

    Trivia – paper planes, give them each a piece of paper to make a paper plane, the one that flies the furthest is the winner, usually ends up in total chaos

  7. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Oh, how exciting! I can’t contribute too much as I’m not too familiar with Australian culture, but I would take a plush cangaroo and make cangaroo-shaped cookies with the cookie models another Australian blogger friend has sent me. 🙂

    We currently have a PhD student from Sydney as a host at the institute, and I’ve become friends with her during the past weeks. She recently showed me this great song (the music vid is also amazing and very touching). It’s too sad for a party, but maybe you like it anyway. And it’s by an Australian musician.

  8. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Just talk about all the reasons why Australia is better than the UK!

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