Beijing update …

Well, nearly done in Beijing. The IT Leaders Conference finished Wednesday night, and the day and a half of training is just finished too. It has been a very, very tiring week, early starts, late finishes and very little sleep. It usually takes me a few days to adjust to sleeping in a new location anyway, but it has been exacerbated here due to a very hot room due to a government dictate that hotels turn of their air conditioners due to the smog levels. Even though we haven’t spent a lot of time outside the thick air really affects your sinuses and throat too. I’ve also been feeling a little wobbly on occasions, I haven’t worked out if it is the tall building (my room is on the 35th floor), tiredness or the copious amounts of Chinese red wine and beer being consumed!

I’ve been eating so much too. I’ve had a hotel cooked breakfast every morning and each night we’ve had really nice dinners. I’ve eaten everything put in front of me including duck hearts, duck tongue soup, spicy tripe, abalone and quite a few things that I still don’t know what they were! The hotel has a nice gym, apparently, I wouldn’t know because I never went and looked!

I have been unable to update my blog as WordPress (along with YouTube, Facebook and other sites) are blocked in much of China including the hotel wireless. I was able to update a couple of times earlier in the week via our company VPN but that hasn’t been working well recently and on the few occasions I’ve gotten on I’ve had to concentrate on work emails. Now I’m in the Beijing office I can do a quick update. Photos will have to follow later.

It’s been a tiring, but very worthwhile trip. The main benefit has been just meeting so many people. Some folks I’ve worked with for years from the US and Europe, but meeting them and developing some relationships I think will really help into the future. I also believe that doing this in China, and having a lot of presentations about business here, and talking about how difficult it is to keep up with the growth will give the global team a much better appreciation for what we are going through and how important the region is to our business.

We finished the conference with a surprise farewell to our CIO who is retiring early next year. He is a really inspiring guy, a very strong leader but one who is much loved.

Anyway, this afternoon we have some free time so we are going to go to the Silk Market, then it is up at 5:30am tomorrow to get to the airport for the flight to Singapore. Next week, more meetings all week in Singapore.


2 Responses to “Beijing update …”

  1. kathryn Says:

    Good that you are at least getting a chance to sightsee today. I’m really kicking myself now that I didn’t take the chance to go to China and Korea while I was living in Japan.

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Phew, what an intense experience! I hope you can enjoy the trip despite of the work load! And Chinese cuisine is one of the most sophisticated of the world (actually, there are so many different Chinese cuisines …), but some things they serve are really scary, so maybe it’s better you don’t know everything you ate. 😉

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