Islands …

I loved Kath’s post the other day about “islands” … she is so right that when we are busy and stressed we really need our little islands to escape to. Like Kath, one of my islands is definitely music. Some time listening to some of my favourite music, especially with headphones on, does me the world of good. For me it is usually Pink Floyd, their music is really special to me, it has been so for over 30 years. During this last business trip, where for some reason I really missed home more than usual, and was a little stressed out at times, a little bit of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” or “Echoes” was a real life-saver on many occasions in my hotel room.

Of course, for me my other main “island” over the last few years has been my exercise time … unfortunately over the last few weeks that island has been pretty deserted. I did get out on the bike once last week (Wednesday evening), but that was it exercise wise for the whole week. Work was crazy again and the motivation was a little missing too.

Tonight I have done something that usually helps me with the motivation. I’ve registered for a couple of events. Having these on the calendar really helps me to get back into the mindset for some training. I’ve entered Amy’s Ride Geelong (120km bike ride on Jan 2nd 2012) and the Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride (145km bike ride on 24th March 2012). Thanks to Em for pointing out on Facebook last night that Amy’s Ride is only 40 days away – that was the reminder I needed to get something on the calendar!

The other “island” recently for me has been reading, I’ve certainly been reading a lot more since I’ve had the Kindle, and am still absolutely loving “Game of Thrones”. I’ve just got my hands on the TV series too, so have watched a few episodes of that which is also awesome. I’m being careful though to stay ahead in the book, I prefer to read the book first, then watch the TV show or movie.

Last night we went and watched the Melbourne Tigers vs Perth Wildcats National Basketball League game. We used to go regularly when the kids were smaller and they played basketball, but haven’t been for years. It was great fun, especially as the Tigers came back from a 21 point deficit to a thrilling win. It was also a “heritage round” and they were celebrating the Tigers first championship back in 1993. It was great to see all the old players  we used to go and see – Andrew Gaze, Lanard Copeland, Dave Simmons and my favourite Ray Gordon!


10 Responses to “Islands …”

  1. Beki Says:

    The TV show stays very true to the book, so yes – read ahead if you can. Having said that, I watched the show first and I was never disappointed me that I did it that way around. Glad that you are enjoying it, the book and TV show were both fantastic – Tyrion Lannister is just awesome 🙂

  2. Em Says:

    Is Tyrion the dwarf (I had trouble keeping the names straight because I haven’t read the book)? If so, then yes, he rocks!!

    We’ll have to arrange a meeting spot before Amy’s ride so we can have a catch up and you can quell my stress attack at not being ready to ride 120km 🙂

    Oh and you’ve put Islands in the Stream in my head now!

  3. Twocatz Says:

    How is your training going for GOOC?? I haven’t been near my bike for weeks. i think I might have to rely on marathon training and hope the legs hold up on the day!!

  4. katsmumblings Says:

    I was at those finals against the Perth Wildcats. When the Tigers won the crowd In Perth were very feral towards us Tigers fans. We even went onto the floor to celebrate the win with the Tigers. I havent been to a game in years – used to be so much fun.

  5. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I’ve recently started reading again and feels how much that does for me as well. And I’m still working on the novel with my friend (we only meet once every week or two weeks, but still) what is a lot fun.

    I’ll order “Game of Thrones” now – there’s an English paperback edition for the first 4 novels that’s not at all expensive, and I’ve read that the German translation isn’t too good, especially since they “Germanized” many of the names (what I don’t like, particularly when it’s done in a way that the names sound unvoluntarily funny then). 😦 This will be the perfect Christmas gift for my mom, and then I can borrow the books from her and read them myself. 😛

  6. oldgirlnewtricks Says:

    Sounds like your islands are peaeful places to regroup after a busy day.

    We watched a little of the President’s Cup from Australia the other day. You live in a beautiful country.

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