Third time lucky …

Twice today I thought about going for a ride and slacked off. The first time was when I woke up, should have got up and gone for a ride, but instead stayed in bed for a further snooze and a read. The second was mid afternoon, I’d just put the roast chooks on to cook in the barbecue, thought about getting changed and going for a ride, but instead got a beer and read the paper. Nothing nicer than sitting outside on a nice day, listening to and smelling the roast cooking, especially when I’ve got a little buddy keeping me company (she was waiting for the roast chicken too!).

Anyway, third time lucky. After dishes were done, I got out for an hour on the bike in the cool of the evening. I think it is a great time to ride.

Most of you will know I am a Rockwiz fan. Often you’ll find me, after the show, listening to music in the iTunes Store if I like the guest singer. If I like what I hear, it often results in more of my money ending up in the iTunes coffers. Last night was such an occasion, as I really liked Hayley Mary, lead singer of The Jezabels, and liked the music on their new album.


4 Responses to “Third time lucky …”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    awwwwww, cute doggy! You will need to invite me over so we can make friends.
    I like the Jezabels.

  2. oldgirlnewtricks Says:

    I think it is wise to ease back into the exercise. Hope the dog got some chicken!

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Okay, the early morning is nice, but some exercise in the fresh evening is really relaxing, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. Ewen Says:

    Saw that one. She was good. Only boring bit of Rockwiz is the Master Blaster — they all get 99-100% right.

    P.S. re the ‘lollies’, I cured that habit when I refused to have them in the house (or biscuits). Give the biscuit aisle a miss!

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