A trip to Geelong …

I had a day of leave today to make up for the Melbourne Cup Day public holiday I missed while I was in China. We drove down to Geelong and took my mum and dad out for lunch. We gave mum her Kindle and a “basics” driving lesson, along with some laminated basic instructions. Mum is quite technology challenged so I think she will struggle to get used to it, but I really hope she perseveres because I know the Kindle will be much easier for her and may enable her to read more and for longer.

We called into the Geelong Football Club merchandise shop while we were in Geelong too, lots of stuff to buy for Cats fans!

This evening I took the mountain bike for a quick spin around Gellibrand Hill. Just a short ride (45 minutes), but very enjoyable. Riding the mountain bike around the hilly, gravel paths is about twice as energy sapping as the road bike, and twice as risky too – I nearly came off a couple of times on the downhills. There were a few roos around tonight too, they are impressive creatures when they are bounding along!


2 Responses to “A trip to Geelong …”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    Actually I forgot to mention a work colleague of mine left recently.
    He’s now Business Manager at GFC.
    That means he’s in charge of tickets and merchandise. Pity I’m a Blues fan!

  2. Twocatz Says:

    I seriously need to do some riding, otherwise I am going to be in a real mess come March. You might need to pull me up the hills

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