Merry Christmas everyone …

I’m hoping all of you are having a happy and healthy Christmas! It has been a crazy one here in Melbourne. We were hit by a terrible storm Christmas Day, some say it was a tornado. We had torrential rain, and many of our neighbouring suburbs had hail as big as golf balls. We were really lucky, because suburbs all around us suffered lots of damage to property and cars. We had lots of wind and rain, and a little bit of clean-up to do this morning, but nothing too serious. If you were more badly affected, my thoughts are with you!

It’s been a couple of busy days as is to be expected this time of year. Christmas Eve was spent in preparation, cooking and cleaning and cooking a huge turkey in the barbeque for the first time. We had friends around for dinner on Christmas Eve, and all my family up to us on Christmas Day. For Christmas lunch we had ham and turkey cold with salads, as well as some seafood (prawns and tuna) cooked on the barbeque. For desert Adrienne made a large mince tart instead of a Christmas pudding as well as some Portugese custard tarts. All was lovely. Of course there was copious beer and wine as well.

Today we cleaned up the back deck which was “rained out” and tidied up the front yard. We also braved the shops briefly. Broadmeadows Shopping Centre was nuts, lots of cark park rage going on. We got in and out quickly.

No exercise for me the last two days, but it is Christmas, after all. This afternoon though I got out for a good ride, and managed to achieve one of my goals for 2011 that I thought I wasn’t going to get. When I go out for a tempo type ride, I try to ride at a speed to achieve <11 minutes for each 5km split. I set a goal at the start of the year to try and ride 50km at this pace. I’ve managed a few 30km rides with 6 x 5km at that pace, but more often have faded on the 4th or 5th split. This afternoon, I did the 10 x 5km pretty easily actually, must have been the two days rest and all those Christmas calories waiting to be burnt off! Splits were 10:51, 10:32, 10:36, 10:43, 10:51, 10:30, 10:34, 10:30, 10:32 & 10:32 – overall 50.6km @ 28.1 km/hr. A good ride.

This was how Jackie was feeling Christmas night. I have to admit I was feeling much the same.


One Response to “Merry Christmas everyone …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Hahaha, Jackie did it right! Can’t we all be dogs on Christmas and make ourselves comfortable on the sofa? 😀

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