It’s been a quiet few days, including a couple of trips to the doctor’s to work out if I’m sick or not. Still not sure, but hoping not.

The day after battering myself in 40C heat on Amy’s Ride, I went for a short run/walk in the evening. It had cooled down, and it was only 6km. However, when I got back home and went to the loo, there was a heap of blood in my urine (and I mean a heap, it looked like I was peeing blood). I made an appointment with the doctor for an hour or so later, and spent the intervening time talking to Dr. Google. He told me that blood in the urine could be caused by extreme athletic exertion and dehydration. The local doctors are pretty shonky and the visit didn’t really help me, but he did order a blood test and urine test. The blood in the urine did clear overnight, and was fine the next morning and has been ever since. I went back on Thursday night for the test results and spoke to a different (but equally shonky) doctor who told me “there was something wrong, but probably nothing serious, possibly an infection or maybe a kidney stone”. He prescribed a course of anti-biotics, which will last me 5 days, and asked that I return for another urine test when it is completed. I’ve started to have a few little “niggles” since starting the anti-biotics, not pains as such, really just “feelings”. These could easily be a reaction to the anti-biotic, or even just my head playing games with me.

So, it’s a waiting game now, drinking plenty of water, not drinking any alcohol, nor doing much (any) exercise.

Of course, I’ve been back at work too, and 2012 doesn’t look like it is going to slow down any either. It’s the time of year to do all my staff performance reviews, which is always a very busy time.

At the first weekly weigh-in for 2012 this morning I was still within the target zone at 74.3kg.

Not much more to report!


9 Responses to “Sick?”

  1. Ewen Says:

    Does sound like a dehydration induced problem. Take it easy in the heat or stick to the cooler times of the day if you can.

  2. Tish Says:

    Ouch! I’m rooting for the dehydration cause, too. BTW, you didn’t eat beets the night before did you?–they cause red urine a high percentage of people.

  3. Carla Says:

    Hope everything’s okay and you feel better soon!!!

  4. morseyruns Says:

    Wow- hope you find out an actual answer soon. I can recommend my doctor but she is in Toorak- but she is awesome, very thorough and bullies me into taking every test! Rest up and take care.

  5. Em Says:

    Ohhh, I hope it’s nothing

  6. sassydrcil Says:

    Red urine can be red blood cells or their breakdown products.
    These can occur after exertion, but from my understanding, it is usually impact stuff (like running).

    It is probably the antibiotics that are making you feel funny, and you probably don’t have an infection. Did they send the urine off to see if it grew any bacteria?
    It would be good to repeat the urine dipstick test in a week or two to see that everything has cleared up.
    I know a few good GPs.

    • ajh Says:

      Thanks Cilla, yeah he has asked me to go back and repeat the urine test when I’ve finished the anti-biotics. When I go back to see him I’m going to ask for a copy of the blood and urine test results, and then maybe go to another doctor for a second opinion if I’m not happy. I do have a better GP I see, but they operate from a clinic that is office hours only and they’re hard to get into. I went to the local clinic the other night which is open late, but the doctors are not as good.

  7. Beki Says:

    First thing I thought of when you said blood was dehydration – especially after the extreme weather you guys were out in. Hope it all comes good soon x

  8. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Ah, doesn’t sound good. I hope you’ll feel better soon!

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