Some more camera practice …

Not much to report today, so here’s a few more photos from yesterday and today, again from my favourite local photography spot, Gellibrand Hill Park.

Last night’s setting sun streaming through the clouds over Melbourne Airport.

Looking out over Greenvale tonight – five telephoto shots taken vertically and stitched in Photoshop.
(Click to enlarge)

Vermin I know, but cute all the same! Spotted him as we were walking out tonight.


4 Responses to “Some more camera practice …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    The pictures are beautiful! And it seems Australian rabbits have the same, wonderfully fluffy ears kangaroos have! 😀 (Major bounce-back needs over here.)

  2. oldgirlnewtricks Says:

    Beautiful photos. It looks lovely, especiallywhen it’s winter here!

  3. Ewen Says:

    Good shot of the sky. Yes, cute, but wish they had the same brain for traffic that magpies do!

  4. Em Says:

    I feel the same about Rabbits, I know they are pests but its not their fault, they are just trying to get by like the rest of us (I must be a closet hippy!) and they do look kind of cute hopping away with their little white tales bobbing away.

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