Finally …

Finally I’ve upgraded my old Nokia phone to a smart phone. Obviously, given my current investment in Apple stuff I chose the iPhone 4S.


I’m impressed with the camera, happy that all of the compatible apps I’ve already bought for my iPad have synced across without having to re-buy, and wondering why it’s taken me so long to upgrade.

The only decision I may regret is choosing to convert my 3 expired contract to Vodafone rather than going with Telstra. This was purely a cost based decision as the Vodafone offer was cheaper per month, more included value and the phone was free, as opposed to an additional $15/month with Telstra. So far no coverage complaints, and a few of the deadspots I had with 3 now seem to work fine.


7 Responses to “Finally …”

  1. Tish Says:

    Have fun! Nice to hear that the apps sync w/o additional cost. Maybe someday. I’m loving my iPad.

  2. Em Says:

    Oh, good to know that you can transfer the Aps across because I’ve got an iPad winging it’s way to me, damn impulse buy, I shouldn’t be allowed near the net when I am bored 😆

  3. Bill James-Wallace Says:

    Well done Andrew. Not sure what Nokia you had but when I had my N95 I thought it was the best phone out there. Apple does make life easier …

  4. oldgirlnewtricks Says:

    Three of my four daughters have iPhones. They love them! Hope you enjoy it.
    – Maureen

  5. Carlaa Says:

    That is the exact phone that I just got three weeks ago at Christmas! I got it in white too. I LOVE it!!!

    You can download the WordPress app from the app store for free and do your blogging from your iPhone. I am totally addicted to my iPhone.

  6. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Whee, exciting! I’ve already seen in your other post that it makes really great pics! I also have a touch phone (not an iPhone, though), but I still feel overwhelmed from doing everything on the screen. I have to admit I kind of moss the buttons. 😉

  7. Sara Says:

    Snap! My new white iphone arrived a week ago. *swoon* (Battery life is still woeful!)

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