Shonky doc …

Shonky doc didn’t disappoint this morning. He was reviewing my urine test results and telling me that “yes there was still a problem that needed to be treated”. I thought that the numbers in the results looked very similar to the previous set of results and had to point out to him that I thought they were the results from last week, prior to the course of antibiotics. Fortunately I was right, and once he found the most recent results they were back to normal, so it seems it was an infection, which the antibiotics have successfully treated. Seriously though, I wouldn’t like to really have my life in these people’s hands!

At weigh-in this morning I was back in the 73s for the first time in a while, at 73.9 kg, so happy with that.

Normal shopping activities this morning. We had the bad combination this morning of the slowest checkout chick in the southern hemisphere, and the customer in front of us who not only wanted to split her groceries up into two separate orders, but also wanted to make a partial cash, partial credit card payment. This fuddled slow checkout chicks brain a bit I think because she then did such a bad job of packing our groceries that we spent five minutes repacking the bags when we got to the car. You don’t need to be Einstein to work out heavy things shouldn’t be packed on top of squashable things do you?

I did some basic maintenance on both bikes this afternoon and took the mountain bike out again. I took a different route into and out of Gellibrand today and explored some different tracks too. A few of them turned out to be dead-ends but that’s all part of exploring isn’t it?


2 Responses to “Shonky doc …”

  1. Bill James-Wallace Says:

    Doctors! I guess that’s why they call it a “practice”. πŸ™‚
    At least you got out and about. πŸ™‚

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Sounds all good. πŸ™‚

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