What you looking at?

That’s precisely what this magpie seemed to be saying to me tonight as he was waiting for me at the entrance to Woodlands Park. Again I enjoyed another very peaceful walk venturing a little bit more off the beaten track, a few spots where I was walking through long grass and worrying about snakes.

Magpie, 2012_01_24

Anyone know what this is? Some sort of lorikeet, but I can’t find it in my bird book.

Lorikeet, 2012_01_24


4 Responses to “What you looking at?”

  1. Tish Says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for your msg. Sorry that comments on my blog are giving you fits. I’ve had that happen on blogs I follow and then, suddenly, everything’s fine. Hope that happens. My birder brother confirms your ID of the Little Eagle. Keep the pix coming and I’ll direct him to your blog. He reads mine, but never comments except by email.

  2. Carla Says:

    I am loving your beautiful photos! My mom and I used to go birdwatching when I was younger all the time. It was so much fun!

  3. JH Says:

    You’re going to have to replace those pictures in the banner of running/cycling with new ones of telephoto lenses.

    BTW – any chance you can update the link in your blogroll? I have a new blog now – http://ssfst.com. It’s not really about running, at least not solely.

  4. Em Says:

    Love the maggie, we had a cheeky one treat us to a song today and then try to steal our picnic

    I took a pic with my iphone http://www.emruns.tumblr.com

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