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Tough guy …

January 25, 2012

In his comment on yesterdays post, my friend John said “You’re going to have to replace those pictures in the banner of running/cycling with new ones of telephoto lenses”. He is right, there hasn’t been much cycling, and no running mentioned here for a while, has there? This month has been a tough one for me, felt crook for much of it, the 40+ degree heat of Amy’s Ride really knocked me and work has been hectic. Frankly I haven’t felt like exercising as much as normal, and the walks through the national park have been a great substitute, and an opportunity to practice my photography too. But that said, I’m not going to change my banner, because it is my intent to pick up the cycling in the very near future (like this weekend, because I have a 5 hour ride in late March to train for), and I’d love to get back into some running too. So the banner stays.

The photography is here to stay too though I think, I’m really enjoying learning about something new, and loving the local wildlife as well.

Adrienne and I took the dog for a walk tonight and spotted this tough guy. He was huge, he looked taller than me, and was built like he’d spent his life in the gym. And check out the claws!

Tough guy kangaroo, 2012_01_25

Oh, and speaking of John, he’s started a new blog. John has a wonderfully dry sense of humour and never fails to make me smile. Check it out here.