MTB – Geelong – MTB

The title is MTB – Geelong – MTB because that pretty much describes the day. A trip down to Geelong to have lunch with my mum and dad, with a ride on the mountain bike early in the morning, and another at dusk.

It’s always lovely to see my parents, and they love our visits so much, but it is getting harder to deny that they are really starting to get frail from old age. Dad is 80 this year and mum is only a couple of years younger. Dad was really quiet today, didn’t join the conversation much. Seems like you spend the first 20 or so years of your marriage worrying about your kids, then have to start worrying about your parents.

Both bike rides were around Woodlands, and on both I took my DSLR. Consequently there were frequent long walking stops withrather camera. I’m not sure about taking the expensive DSLR on the bike though, it would be so easy to damage it. Might have to research a better camera carrying solution. Any ideas?

Here’s the pick of today’s photos.

Long-billed Corella, 2012-01-27 (_MG_1723)

Long-billed Corella

Mum and young kangaroo, 2012-01-27 (_MG_1717)

Mum and young kangaroo

Superb Fairy-wren 2012-01-27 (_MG_1748)

Superb Fairy-wren


3 Responses to “MTB – Geelong – MTB”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Aww, I love the animals. 🙂

    My parents now have that situation with my grandparents. My mom’s mom has been sick on and off during the past years, and while she’s still very self-determined, she is getting weaker now, and my moms cares for her, although my grandmom is iron to do as much herself as possible. (It can be very straining to care for somebody who needs it but often doesn’t let you.) My dad’s dad has died two years ago, and my grandmother moved into a little apartment, but she’s still quite fit and does a lot of things. They’re both in their mi 80s now. My grandfathers are both dead.

  2. Carla Says:

    Lovely photos once again. It’s incredible how much beautiful wildlife you have around you. I especially love the bird pics.

  3. Em Says:

    How about one of these? You could cinch in the strap and sling it over your shoulder messenger bag style.

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