Feeling a bit pissed off today after making the decision to stay off the bike for a few days. Firstly I have a bit of a sore lower back, not sure why, but reckon that the bent over stance on the road bike and the bouncing up and down on the mountain bike would both be bad for it. Secondly, I have some chafing in the nether regions. I’m not sure if it is due to too much time in the saddle, or if it is a symptom of my eczema, which is still bothering me in a few other places. Anyway, seems that both of these might merit some time out of the saddle. So now I’m not running or riding, have to make do with a daily walk I guess.

The lack of exercise is not causing too many problems with the weight at least, still in target range at 74.5 kg at weekly weigh-in this morning.

Adrienne and I got up early and went for a nice walk this morning before it got hot. We saw lots of nice little finches and other birds, but they were all too skittish for the camera.

Todays photo though comes with a bonus lesson in Australian slang for you overseas readers. The birds in the picture below are Galahs. If an Australian calls you a “galah”, it is not a compliment meaning we think you’re pretty and pink, it means we think you are a bit of a “drongo” (there’s another Australian bird name that means the same thing), or a bit of a “foolish person”.

Galahs, 2012-01-28 (_MG_1766)

My bargain bonus today was that I picked up four decent hard-cover photography books at the local “All Books For Less” store, for $5 each. Pretty happy with that!

On last nights topic of camera carrying ideas. First, thanks for your suggestion Em, I like the Crumpler stuff, but that bag is pretty similar to the one I already have, and on my mountain bike it still flops around a bit too much. I did come across this on the web (see photo below). It looks very functional, and is supposed to be very good for neck/back pain associated with carrying a camera around (light bulb just went off, I wonder if that’s what’s wrong with my back). The question is (and appreciate your answers in the comments), “Would I look like a bit of a galah, wearing this out and about? Would you wander around with me if I was wearing it?”. I asked Adrienne the same question, and I think the jury is still out!


6 Responses to “Galah?”

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Ah, your galah is our ‘dork’? Personally, dorky people are among my favorites. They’re passionate about their work/hobby and intense in their pursuit of it. That said, I don’t think you’d look like a galah wearing the camera harness. To me, it says ‘this is a serious photographer’.

  2. kathryn Says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t wear it.

  3. Ewen Says:

    That looks ideal for the bike. Good for hiking too. You’ve got the camera in front of you, ready to go, hands free. Only problem would be if you took a tumble hiking you could land on the camera.

    Yes, having a heavy camera bag on one shoulder could be causing the back pain. An old marathoner I know blamed doing this for his lower back pain.

  4. Louise Says:

    as long as the lens is pointing downward, I think you’re probably okay. :-p

    I’d be worried about tumbling and falling on it too. On the plus side though, because your hands are free (and not worrying about a shoulder bag swinging around) you’ll be able to break your fall.

  5. Andy Says:

    I am with Ewen, looks great for the bike. Many things that make us look a bit silly are often good for us. I would rather look a bit odd that have continual back ache. There are a lot of nerve and other important structures that can be damaged buy carrying heaving items over your shoulder

  6. Em Says:

    It looks like the Baby Bjorn that my brother and sister in law use to carry their babies around in.

    If I saw someone wearing it I wouldn’t point and laugh………in front of them.


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