Annual performance review …

Annual performance review day for me today at work. As you’ll all know from my previous comments here, the last year has been an extremely challenging one, so to hear my boss say that he felt I’d met all my goals, and to get the “you’ve done what’s expected” rating, was a bit of a relief. Getting the annual rating done always leaves me with a bit of a refreshed, “new slate” feeling, ready to start a new year – it actually feels good. We’ve also just announced a significant organisational re-structure which includes another manager at my level of the Asia Pacific organisation. This will mean less direct reports for me, less functional areas of responsibility, and hopefully some time to be able to focus on less things and do a better job. That said though we have some huge projects coming at us, and transitioning into our new structure is going to be hard work for the next month, but I’m feeling a bit more positive than I have for a while. Let’s hope that continues to be the case.

Still not doing any significant exercise, the running shoes and both bikes are definitely feeling neglected. I’m very happy though just strolling around and exploring Woodlands Park, which I’m doing most days. Tonight I walked around for a couple of hours and came back very relaxed and with a few more nice photos. Here are my favourite two from tonight. The first is probably my favourite kangaroo shot so far, she was pretty game as I walked past and just stared at me, chewing on her piece of grass. The second photo is one of the beautiful ex race-horses that live at Woodlands Homestead as part of the Living Legends attraction, billed as the “International Home of Rest for Champion Horses”. I don’t know which one this one is, but she came over to me and was very friendly and let me stroke her head and face.

Kangaroo in the grass, 2012-02-01 (_MG_1958)
Ms Kangaroo chews on some grass

Living Legend, 2012-02-01 (_MG_1933)
Living Legend


One Response to “Annual performance review …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    I was going to say it looks like Doreimus but if you patted a mare,then that is not Doreimus!
    Good work on the performance review Andrew.

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