More HDR

Two more HDR images tonight. The first is from our trip to Heathcote late last year (yes, I was thinking about doing HDR that long along and taking bracketed exposures, I just hadn’t worked out how to process them), the Pink Cliffs geological formation. This one came out quite nicely I think. The second one is from photos I went out and took tonight, of our local Uniting Church building. It is okay too, but like the Gellibrand Gum Tree I showed yesterday, I’m not happy about the processing of the sky through the tree branches.

Heathcote Pink Cliffs, 2011-12-29 (_MG_1321/2/3) HDR
Heathcote Pink Cliffs

Providence Road Uniting Church 2012-02-09 (_MG_2297/8/9) HDR
Providence Road Uniting Church

Edit: Here’s a third image that I like a lot better.

Gellibrand Rocky Outcrop, 2011-04-15 (IMG_0068)

Rocky outcrop on Gellibrand Hill, Woodlands Historic Park

Further Edit: I re-processed the church photo and toned down the surreal effect a bit which has made the skies much more natural.


3 Responses to “More HDR”

  1. Pippa * Jeanne Says:

    The sky’s the bit that gets me, too, but I’m sure this is going to improve with time and your growth in skill. Perhaps you can layer out the sky in processing to give it back its blue coloring?

    LOVE the sunlight on the church building!

  2. Carla Says:

    Lovely photos. I am enjoying seeing your progression as a photographer!

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I also like the third photo the best. So beautiful! 🙂

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