Another busy day at work, and another day off the bike and out of the running shoes. It’s looking suspiciously like this week might be another one with an “empty” training journal. So, all I’ve got for you is the last of my photos from last weekend. As I said the other day, the parrots were “easy” subjects, but most of the other smaller birdlife were not. All of these little fellows are quite timid, dart around like crazy, and are only small, so I’m particularly happy with these shots. One of them, I think, is my favourite shot from the whole weekend – can you guess which one?

As an aside, I ended up with 55 images from the weekend good enough to end up in my Flickr Photostream, out of a total of 559 taken, about a 10% “worth looking at” rate – how does this compare to yours?

New Holland Honeyeater 2012-02-17 (_MG_2775)

New Holland Honeyeater

Male Eastern Spinebill 2012-02-19 (_MG_3135)
Eastern Spinebill

Immature Little Wattlebird 2012-02-19 (_MG_3124)
Immature Little Wattlebird

Superb Fairy-wren (female) 2012-02-17 (_MG_2785)

Female Superb Fairy-wren

2 Responses to “Birdlife”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Oh wow, I find it really hard to vote for a favorite! If I *have* to choose, I’d say the first one. But the others are also beautiful! And all the birds are so cute, especially the one in the fourth pic. 🙂 It looks like animal photography is going to become a new hobby of yours. 🙂 (I like that because, you know, I love to look at your pictures! :D)

    I think I trash about 80 % of my pics, but I don’t picture moving animals. Most of the time, it’s food, and that doesn’t run away at least (phew)! I still want a better camera, though, my little pocket cam doesn’t satisfy me anymore.

  2. Ewen Says:

    Mine is the New Holland Honeyeater. Good shots again – you’re doing well. I know how fast those small birds move.

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