Reflecting …

Brimbank Park Maribyrnong River 2012-02-24 (_MG_3260_1_2)
Reflections in the Maribyrnong River, Brimbank Park, Keilor, Victoria

Like the trees in the river above, I’ve been reflecting a little recently too, on a lot of things. One of them though is the change in my exercise routine. I did have an empty training journal last week, and the weird thing is that I didn’t really feel guilty about it at all. For me, that is a huge change. I think I have been driven for the last few years by a compulsive need to exercise, which was driven by a (probably irrational) fear of gaining back the weight I’ve lost. Recently though, I’ve been walking a fair bit, but not doing a lot of the high intensity cardio I’ve focussed on for the last 4-5 years (riding and running). I know that an alcohol free February (due to Febfast) has been a major contributor, but despite the lack of cardio, I’ve not only maintained my weight, I’m losing still. So, what does this all mean – I don’t know to be truthful – I think it needs more reflection. I do know that I need to start getting some training in on the bike to be fit enough for the Great Ocean Road Classic, which is now only one month away!

Today was a day off work and we started it off with a beautiful walk around Brimbank Park, Keilor. Like Woodlands, which you’ve seen so many photos of recently, it is close to where we live (about a 10 minute drive), and somewhere we haven’t been for many years. It is really beautiful, with the walk following the meanderings of the Maribyrnong River. Lots of birdlife, but they were all being a little difficult today and not behaving for the camera. I think I might make it my mission to try and visit many more of the beautiful parks and gardens in the near area, it’s amazing what we take for granted in our own backyard.

Edit: I did get out on the bike for about an hour tonight after dinner. It was still warm and I found it hard going. At least it is a start, but the next month is going to be tough getting ready for the GOOC.

And, here is a nice photo I took of Jackie with my macro lens.

Jackie 2012-02-24 (_MG_3344)


2 Responses to “Reflecting …”

  1. Carla Says:

    Your dog is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Very interestin developments, Andrew! I’ve always believed that nutrition makes 80 % and exercise 20 % or even less in body composition. Exercise may help to balance out additional caloris (wine etc), but you can keep a slim figure without much exercide when you eat well. Also, I’ve frequently stumbled across the opinion that short, intense work outs do more for maintaining a good weight that hour-long cardio exercise. And I believe that compulsive isn’t too good (although I can relate to that a lot ;)). I’ve been mainting my weight with sensible eating without actually exercising. I *do* get my daily moving, though, but rather through walking (and I also count my piano sessions as workouts, hehe, at least with some pieces). I want to get some more gym exercise, though, but not for weight reasons but to stabilize my back which is a bit of a weak spot due to my desk job. I think we should enjoy what we do, and I know it makes you happy to ride the bike, but then that should be the primary motive, not that you feel you have to do it out of a fear to gain weight. I’m excited to read how all of this will develop! 🙂

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