Photography course …

Yesterday was day one of two of the “Basic Digital SLR Photography” course I enrolled in a while back with the Council of Adult Education. I headed into the city early (to catch the sunrise) and spent a couple of hours taking photos around Melbourne. The course was good, a very knowledgeable instructor, and a very mixed group of students (and cameras). I think I was at the more advanced end of the student band, as many weren’t even familiar with the basic settings on their cameras, but I still learnt a bit. It was a very hot day, and the course included a few outside shooting sessions, so I was tired by the end of it. The best part was right at the end when the teacher took us all up to Hosier Lane to shoot some of the street art, it really is incredible. The photos below are three panoramas I shot (each composed of four images) which have come up okay, but you may need to click through to Flickr to get a proper view as the width of the panorama shots makes them look small here. I was a little disappointed with the majority of the shots I took around the city, but there are a few up on Flickr if you’re interested. Day two of the course is next Saturday.

Hosier Lane Panorama 1 2012-02-25 (_MG_3688_9_0_1)

Hosier Lane Panorama 2 2012-02-25 (_MG_3683_4_5_6)

Hosier Lane Panorama 3 2012-02-25 (_MG_3693_4_5_6)
Hosier Lane Street Art

Down slightly again at yesterday’s weekly weigh-in, only 100g though, coming in at 72kg on the knocker.

This morning I was up early again to beat the heat and did just over two hours on the bike. It was warm even that early, and quite windy, so a tough ride – but still need to increase the length over the next few weeks. Today’s other job has been to replace our internet broadband modem and router as it has been playing up a bit, and our ISP wouldn’t replace as we chose not to re-commit to a contract last time they asked. Fair enough, so we went out and bought one ourselves. We ended up buying a modem without wireless, and an Apple Time Capsule device which has the wireless router capabilities, as well as the ability to back-up all the Macs in the house wirelessly. Backups are a good idea, aren’t they!

Congratulations to Andy who completed the Tokyo marathon today! Well done mate!

3 Responses to “Photography course …”

  1. Ewen Says:

    I’d love to do a course like that, but I think it’ll end up being a retirement thing. Melbourne is a very photogenic city.

    Yes, backups ARE a good idea, and auto backups are better than manual (which always seem to get done after a crash).

  2. Twocatz Says:

    Time machine is just awesome, set it up and forget about it.

    Tokyo was just awesome, seriously thinking of throwing my hat in the lottery in 2014 to do it again. Such a great city and the atmosphere was incredible.

    I reckon it is one of those must run overseas marathons. Very tempted to give Berlin a crack next year

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    So cool you’re attending a photography course! I’d love to do the same, but I still need a DSLR. 😉

    I’m happy for you that you more and more get back into your comfortable weight range! 🙂

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