Weekly ? Or dying ?

Well, it looks like this is becoming a weekly update, or, I’m even wondering if this blog may be dying. I’m feeling like it’s getting boring, I always seem to be saying the same or similar things on here. Anyway, we’ll see.

It has been a pretty stock, standard week. Work continues to be stressful, so much to do, so many people away, stress of some huge projects nearing important milestones, mergers, acquisitions, new facilities all over Asia ….. aargh, I’m getting stressed just thinking about it. Still, I really shouldn’t complain, working for a company that is actually doing well, and expanding like crazy is not something to be whinging about, is it?

Back on the red wine a couple of times last week, and I’m sure it is a coincidence, but I have arrested the downward weight spiral, with a small (800g) gain this week.

Until today, it has just been walking in the evenings, exercise-wise. This morning I hit the road early and got in the first semi-decent ride for a while. I headed out the backroads to Wildwood, which builds in a couple of decent hills, then headed down through the airport to Glenroy and back home. Overall, about 73km in a smidge over 3 hours. My quads are feeling it. The depressing thing is that it is only half the distance of the Great Ocean Otway Classic which is now two weeks away. Need to get in at least one more comparable ride this long weekend.

Still loving the photography, and that is one reason this blog is suffering, as I’m spending more time on Flickr and a couple of other photography websites, and spending time mucking around with the camera and photo software. I am still reading all your blogs, but admit my commenting rate may have dropped off a bit.

Anyway, at the risk of boring you with my photos, here’s my favorite photo from this week that I haven’t already shared on Facebook.

Grey Fantail 2012-03-07 (_MG_4246)


11 Responses to “Weekly ? Or dying ?”

  1. Tish Says:

    Good for you for getting out to ride (and for 3 hours, no wonder your quads are telling you off!). Hope you do get in another one so you feel comfortable approaching your race. What is the little feathered fellow in your picture? Are you becoming a birder along with a more proficient photographer? Don’t let your blog die–I vote life, even if it’s only once a week. 🙂

  2. Carla Says:

    The great thing is that your blog is called “Andrew’s Blog”. That means it can be about whatever YOU want!!! I just like your writing style and am enjoying your photos. Maybe your blog is evolving into something different and that’s okay! And posting once a week is fine too because I’d hate for you to stop posting all together!

  3. Ewen Says:

    Don’t feel under pressure to blog on a particular schedule Andrew. Just do it when you feel inspired, when you have something to say.

    Your photos are really making me want to get a DSLR. Love the selective focus of the telephoto lens on that one.

    • Andrew(AJH) Says:

      Yeah, it does look nice, but shooting these little chaps you don’t get much choice, you gotta be on a long lens, zoomed in because they are so skittish, and you have to have the aperture as wide as you can too in the evening light, so …. instant blurry background and foreground. You just gotta make sure you’ve focused on the bird and not the twig in front of it. Be sure, there are a lot of shots that don’t work, that you don’t get to see 🙂

  4. Bill James-Wallace Says:

    G’day mate, I totally agree with Ewen and Carla. Just write what you want and when. I love the photos too. They are great to see. Almost make me want to take up the art myself. But I’d be crap at it! 🙂

    I’ve stopped blogging for a bit and that is intentional. Similar reasons but I’ll wait till I’m inspired or want to bore the ears of people! 🙂

    Your posts are not boring, I have to say. I like what you write and I look forward to catching up on what is happening in your world. I genuinely think you’re inspiring BECAUSE you have those other pressures, which I know only too well.

    Don’t stop, we haven’t had enough (apologies to Michael Jackson!)

    Oh, I have a 70km ride this weekend, no real training. Any tips?? 🙂

    • Andrew(AJH) Says:

      My tips would be exactly what my plan is for GOOC. Take it easy early and try to cheat in packs and draft as much as possible. Then take any hills at your own pace.

  5. Em Says:

    I changed blogs and now I post sporadically, namely when I have something I want to say.

    Keep it up so we can keep seeing your ace photos. Or go have a look at Tumblr, I prefer it for posting pics – http://www.tumblr.com

  6. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I don’t think your blog is boring at all, and I enjoy reading it. I’d also love to stay in contact with you, and that’s easier when you keep the blog. Being a weekly updater isn’t a bad thing and not unusual, with some blogs I read it’s like that (and sometimes I secretly appreciate it because I don’t have so much time for reading and commenting when I have a lot of work to do, lalala). Weekly is also regularly! 😉

  7. oldgirlnewtricks Says:

    I enjoy your blog posts too much for you to stop! The exercise, the weight, the photos. I love it all. I haven’t been able to post in the past few weeks (daughter is ill) but I am going to start again soon.

    You inspire me because you are still exercising and racing and meeting challenges. Good for you!

  8. David Jenkins Says:


    Nice to catch up with you at Woodlands on Sunday. Hope the birds were kind to you.
    I’ve put a link on my page to here.

    Enjoy your blogging, so keep it up.

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