GOOC 2012

Today was the Great Ocean Otway Classic bike ride. Andy flew down from Sydney last night and I picked him up from the airport and after some dinner with the family we drove down to Torquay. As I have done the last few years for the GOOC I had asked Herb for a bed at their place in Torquay as it is so much easier than driving down early on the morning of the ride. We were shown great hospitality by Herb’s daughter Michelle and her partner Dan who are living at the house.

As we had decided (due to a complete lack of training) to downgrade from the 145km event to the 60km event, we had to present ourselves at the registration desk prior to the start of the 145km event (7:30am) so we were up and at ’em early. The race number change-over went smoothly and quickly so we settled ourselves down at the local coffee shop opposite the start line to relax and watch the 145km riders head off.

The 60km event started promptly at the advertised time (8:30am) and we settled into a reasonably easy pace. The weather was fine, but quite cold – I was shivering noticeably by the time we headed off. For the first hour or so of the ride I struggled a little bit with my breathing. Partially due to my cold not being completely gone, but mainly I think due to the cold air.

Despite the fact that in reality the 60km course is undulating at most, it honestly seemed that the undulations were mainly up, and it also felt like we had a headwind all the way around the loop, which I know doesn’t make sense unless the wind changed direction four times. Obviously the lack of training was just making it seem harder than it really was.

All said though, it was a really enjoyable ride, and Andy I gas-bagged the whole way round. We ended up crossing the finish line after almost exactly two and a half hours. We both felt pretty good after a short rest, headed back to the house to get changed and then into Torquay for a very delicious chicken burger for lunch. I think we were both very happy with our decision to only do the 60km, I think the 145km would have been a world of hurt (for me anyway).

I’m the one with the ridiculous “helmet hair”!

The drive back to Melbourne was fast and uneventful, and after a few more hours of chat and another nice dinner from Adrienne, I delivered Andy safely back to the airport for his trip home.

So, I have to say, a great day, with a great mate – so Andy, what’s next?


2 Responses to “GOOC 2012”

  1. Andy Says:

    Thanks for your kind hospitality, I had a brilliant 24 hours. I have been scouring the internet to find the next challenge. I still like the idea of around the bay in a day, or a week at the tour down under.

    Will keep looking to see if there is anything we can tackle later this year

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Yay for a good ride! Your hair is hilarious! I look like that every morning after getting out of bed. 😉

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