Three walks …

A lovely day today, with three walks as my exercise. Up early and ventured over to Woodlands for about two hours. A productive walk, with my mission to find two wetland areas I knew were there, but had never visited. I found both, and managed to get a couple of photos of two bird species I hadn’t managed to photograph previously.

Into the city after lunch for another couple of hours with Adrienne. The city was very busy, but we enjoyed some of Melbourne’s wonderful scenery, including more visits to some of the laneway street art I’m enjoying so much. I particulary liked the art in ACDC Lane (yes, named after the Aussie rock legends) that is commissioned by Zoos Victoria to raise awareness of some of our critically endangered species.

Then, after returning home, I popped over to Woodlands again for another walk, this time there were lots of Grey Fantails around, but not much else.

Anyway, they say a picture (or five) paints a thousand words …

Black-shouldered Kite 2012-03-25 (_MG_5058)
Black-shouldered Kite

Scarlet Robin 2012-03-25 (_MG_5062)
Scarlet Robin

ACDC Lane 2012-03-25 (MG_5074_76_78)

ACDC Lane Fighting Extinction Zoos Victoria street art 2012-03-25 (_MG_5081)
Zoos Victoria Fighting Extinction Artwork – Baw Baw Frog

Grey Fantail 2012-03-25 (_MG_5118)
Grey Fantail ready to launch

Kath, I promised to try and photograph a frog for you. I haven’t found a real, wild one yet, I hope the street art frog above will do until I do !


5 Responses to “Three walks …”

  1. Tish Says:

    Love the pix! Now that’s a robiin re-breast if I ever saw one. Our local robins (northern robins) have a more russet color.

  2. Carla Says:

    Lovely photos Andrew! My youngest son Damiano is showing a huge interest in birds and bird watching right now. He has been spotting birds outside, listening for their sounds, and then drawing them from pictures he looks up on the internet! So much fun! 🙂

  3. tippytoediet Says:

    Love the juxtaposition between nature settings and graphic urban art!

  4. David Jenkins Says:


    Isn’t Acadaca lane just the best.
    We are pretty lucky to have a lot of graffiti lanes, there is always something going on.

    It makes for a great photo- gallery.


  5. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Walks are my favorite exercise. Lovely pics again! 🙂

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