Early morning walk …

I’ve decided, now that Daylight Savings has ended, that I’m going to have to get out early for my walk. I did that this morning and managed a good hour walk and still got to work on time (well, almost).

The best two shots from this morning, also happen to be birds that I’m not sure of their identification. So, if you can help, or offer an opinion, please do so in a comment.

Brown Falcon 2012-04-02 (_MG_5592)
Brown Falcon

Grey Shrike-thrush 2012-04-02 (_MG_5579)

Grey Shrike-thrush

2 Responses to “Early morning walk …”

  1. David Jenkins Says:


    Yep, Brown Falcon. This is a super bird with a lovely white bib. There are a number of similar marked birds around Woodlands. In other places the front chest is generally much darker. I suppose it is to do with the area and blending and stuff, but I don’t really know.

    Second one is much harder for me. It has the right back and wing marks for a GST, but the yellow around the eye is throwing me. So go Grey-shrike Thrush until you get a better offer.

    Melbourne mornings keep getting better and better at the moment.

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Oh, I’m so bad with identifying birds! Wonderful pictures again! And I’m happy you enjoy your walks so much. 🙂

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