Robins …

David and I headed out again this morning searching for those (not so) elusive robins. We met at 7:15am at Providence Road, and headed into the Back Paddock. We decided, on David’s recommendation, not to trudge around too much, but rather make it a “sit and wait for them to come to us” day. Obviously heading to a known, likely spot is key to this strategy, but it certainly worked. After an initial quiet period, there was soon a build-up of activity. Lots of Willie Wagtails, but then a wonderful little male red-capped robin and his mate, and a gorgeous little juvenile flame robin were captured by my lens. This time I wasn’t disappointed with the shots when I got them home, two of the best are below.

Also got some nice shots of crimson rosellas and eastern rosellas, which are usually pretty skittish and elusive, as well as two new “captures” for me, some choughs and a white-throated treecreeper (also below).

We did get a little wet at the end of the morning when the rain came down, but the important things (ie camera gear) were kept dry by some high-tech wet weather gear (ie old towel and Rebel Sport shopping bag). Another very enjoyable morning in the scrub!

Afternoon was spent shopping, buying some essentials for the upcoming trip to the USA.

Juvenile Flame Robin 2012-04-09 (_MG_6472)
Juvenile Flame Robin

Red-capped Robin 2012-04-09 (_MG_6466)
Male Red-capped Robin

White-throated Treecreeper 2012-04-09 (_MG_6423)
White-throated Treecreeper


3 Responses to “Robins …”

  1. Cammy Says:

    That first photo takes my breath away!

  2. ajh Says:

    Thanks Cammy, they are so small and fragile little birds, but so, so beautiful. It is a wonderful experience just watching them flit around the scrub.

  3. Carla Says:

    WOW. So lovely!!! I always show my youngest son your bird photos as he is developing quite an interest in birds lately. We are expecting some warm weather this weekend and he has reminded me several times that we are going birdwatching!

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