Frosty, misty morning …

Mist over dam 2012-04-30 (_MG_7090)

A cold, frosty morning today, the frozen hands struggled a bit on the camera buttons. The mist over the Providence Road dam made for a really eerie feeling. I cannot describe how wonderful this place makes me feel, I think I could easily spend every hour of every day just wandering.


5 Responses to “Frosty, misty morning …”

  1. An expat Wife Says:

    Do you have to travel far for these amazing rural shots? i never saw anything beautiful like all your photos when I lived in Melbourne…perhaps I was just not looking hard enough?

    • ajh Says:

      Nearly all my photos are taken in Woodlands Historic Park which is only about 1km from my home. It is a large tract of bush land that is directly adjacent to Tullamarine Airport. What amazes me is that I’ve lived here for 25 years, and yet have only really “discovered” it in the last couple of years. It has kangaroos, heaps of different birds, many different landscapes, three water bodies, two sets of historic ruins, a restored homestead and is also the retirement home for many ex-champion racehorses. My favourite place!

  2. Carla Says:

    So lovely, Andrew. Your photos convey beautifully how you feel about the place!

  3. David Jenkins Says:

    This is such a magic place, and your image has done it justice.
    Those lovely early morning mists are such a treat.
    I think the old ‘jetty’, could be a subject for the rest of your life, and it would always give a different personality and allow you to explore lots of ways to express Andrew.

  4. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I remember when I went to the Christmas market in winter 2011 and pictured everything for my blog. Afterwards my hands almost fell off from the cold!

    The picture is lovely!

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