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Trees …

May 6, 2012

When I read Pippa’s post yesterday it reminded me of how much I love trees. Sounds silly, but I will often find myself absorbed by them as I’m walking. We really would be in trouble without them after all, with all the photo-synthesis going on. They really are powerful things, it often amazes me to think about how old they are.

Most of the trees in Woodlands Historic Park where I walk most days are eucalypts, various types of Australian Gum trees. There are some amazing specimens. They have the most wonderful grey trunks, with lots of interesting bark features. The leaves smell wonderful when you scratch or crush them. Of course they are home to all the wonderful species of birds I’ve recently fallen in love with, as well as other Australian creatures like koalas and possums.

So, on my early morning walk today I headed out to get a few photos of some of my favourite trees, I hope you like them.

Eucalypt 2012-05-06 (_MG_7464-9)This pretty classic specimen is one of my favourites because it is the usual residence of my Tawny Frogmouth friends. It is right next to the Providence Road carpark.

Eucalypt 2012-05-06 (_MG_7443_4_5)This amazing specimen looks like it is trying to grow roots from the top down. It is near the Somerton Road end of Providence Road.

Later in the morning Adrienne and I headed out for another walk together. We found heaps of Scarlet Robins near the Providence Road dam, then we met David and Dorothy (fellow bird watchers) in the Back Paddock and spent another hour or so observing some beautiful Flame Robins. My favourite bird picture of the day though was this little Superb Fairy-wren who we saw just as we were walking back to the car.

Superb Fairy-wren 2012-05-06 (_MG_7545)Breeding male Superb Faiy-wren, beautiful and blue!

You may have noticed that I’ve updated my blog header. I think it matches my current lifestyle and blog content more than the running and riding one. By the way, the weight is still in control and on target, 74kg exactly at Saturday weigh-in.