Birdlife …

You all know I have a recently developed appreciation and love for the local birdlife, well today I participated in my first official “birding” activity. I recently joined Birdlife Australia, and today the Melbourne chapter had a Photography Group outing at my local stomping ground, Woodlands Historic Park. David, who I have been out with a few times recently, was the leader for the day and asked me to help due to my local knowledge of the park.

You’d think that with it being an outing of the Photography Group of Birdlife Australia, that the output would be photos of birds. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas. Most of us decided to leave the cameras in the car due to the fairly constant drizzly rain, so for most of us it was a walk around the park in the drizzle looking for, but not photographing, the local birdlife. Early on there was not much activity, but later in the morning it picked up, and I think we would have ended up with about 30 or so species on the bird list for the day. The highlight was when we found the robin flock feeding in an open area, with all three species (Red-capped, Flame and Scarlet) present and active.

The best part though was meeting the other 10 or so people who attended, a group of very nice and friendly folks who amazed with their bird knowledge, identifying them easily not only by sight but also from their bird-calls which is still difficult for me (except for the obvious ones). So, a wet, but enjoyable ,morning, with no photos to show you.

Edit: Rather than leave this post photo-less, here are a couple from earlier in the week.

Kangaroo female 2012-05-12 (_MG_7789)
I thought this female kangaroo was particularly pretty

Derelict farmhouse on Somerton Road 2012-05-18 (_MG_8015_6_7)
This derelict farmhouse calls out to me each time I drive past,
“take my photo, take my photo …”

Edit: No runs, no rides this week, but weight still on track at 74.2kg this morning.

3 Responses to “Birdlife …”

  1. Ewen Thompson (@EwenThompson) Says:

    Shame about the weather, but good to hook up with such a group. On one of my runs some time back I saw our local bird expert Ian Fraser leading a group on a walk near the wetlands. I think he’s quite high up on the list of Aussie bird sightings.

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    It makes me happy to see how you’re widening your scope … now, to photography and birdlife. I believe that life is constant development, so that means there are always new things to discover and to learn.

    Love you pictures, as always. And the new header! 😀

  3. David Jenkins Says:

    The weather ought to hang its head in shame. But it really didn’t stop the birds, as we still got a respectable 30 or so in the count. But for most of us, me included, the cameras stayed in the car.

    Glad you went back out the following morning and had some good sunlight. At least things would have dried off.

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