Training Journal …. closed

A great day today, lots of walking and a mountain bike ride. I got up early and got out for a walk to catch a sunrise. I didn’t get the shot I went out for, but got a couple of different ones I was happy with. It was absolutely freezing before the sun came up, my fingers were hurting with the cold, and the metal of the camera tripod was painful to hold. I had trouble with the buttons on the camera, but as soon as the sun came up it was the start of a brilliant day.

After returning home for breakfast, Adrienne and I went for a beautiful walk through the Back Paddock of Woodlands, finding lots of beautiful little birds including some Flame Robins, Red-Capped Robins and Yellow Thornbills. My best bird shots of the day though came after the walk when I managed to sneak a few shots of a cute little New Holland Honeyeater in the Correa bush in our back yard. After lunch we returned to Woodlands again, this time to take the dog for a walk, doing the dam loop.

We are responsible dog owners, and always take plastic bags with us to pick up Jackie’s poop. Today she did one not long after we left the car park, so instead of carrying it around I went back to the car and just popped it behind the back tyre of the car to pick up when we returned. Upon our return, despite being reminded by Adrienne, I forgot to pick it up, and didn’t realise until we got home. So, I used this as a good excuse to get out on the mountain bike and rode over to Woodlands and picked up a rather flattened bag of dog poo (that’s what comes of leaving it behind the tyre of the car). So, my fourth visit to Woodlands for the day was a nice mountain bike ride. It is obvious that I’m out of condition, I was huffing and puffing a bit up the hills!

I made a decision today when I went on my bike ride. I didn’t even take the Garmin. I’ve decided that my Training Journal, which I’ve kept religiously since June 2005, is now officially closed. I am no longer going to track runs, rides, distances, times, calories and all that stuff. It isn’t me any more. I will continue to monitor my weight, but the Training Journal entries have become so infrequent, that it just doesn’t seem worth it. And like I said, it isn’t me any more, it doesn’t seem as important now. So, it’s closed. Runs (if they happen), and rides (which will definitely still happen) will be because I want to do it, will be for the fun and enjoyment of them, and for the exercise, but the distance, time, average speed, calories and all that stuff don’t seem important any more. What do you reckon, right decision, or am I going to get a month down the track and be stressing about the month of missing data?

New Holland Honeyeater 2012-05-20 (_MG_8117)
My best bird shot of the day – in my back garden!

Sunrise over Woodlands Homestead 2012-05-20 (_MG_8076_7_8)

Sunrise over Woodlands Homestead this morning


6 Responses to “Training Journal …. closed”

  1. An expat Wife Says:

    Good for you Andrew. Since I decided to run without pressure (no recording or measuring) I enjoy it more and I am better at it. It’s liberating in a way and I look forward to exercising now because there is no competing with myself to do better.

    I thought I would find it hard and be upset because I have kept a log since 2004 but I don’t even miss it!

    Beautiful photos as always 🙂

  2. Ewen Thompson (@EwenThompson) Says:

    It’s up to you. I’ve kept a running log since ’81 and I’m glad I have. I know Plu stopped logging exercise for a while and even threw out his old diaries and now regrets it.

  3. Admin Says:

    Good question on the log front. I would still keep them and add to them when and if any running or riding takes place. I am a great believer in exercising for the enjoyment, if your not getting any pleasure from doing it then take a break and return when you are ready, but I wouldn’t stop adding new entries when they happen

  4. David Jenkins Says:

    Life does change for us, and the way we approach certain things seemed important, and then … something else comes along.
    I know only too well the hard decision of abandoning a long running project. I have only in the last couple of weeks disposed of a series of life diaries going back in the mid ’80s (that’s the date dears, not my age!!!)
    I think being able to use the blog technology helps in those transitions too, you’re not just doing it alone but have a support group who are eager to see where the latest direction will take you.
    The good thing is you can always pickup if the need arises.

  5. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    This sounds like a good decision to me, Andrew! When something is new and important to stick to, it helps to monitor it more thoroughly, but when you establish a kind of routine, you don’t need that so much anymore. Life is about flexibility and enjoyment, and at the end of the month, the stats are just numbers. 🙂

  6. Shauna Reid (@shauna) Says:

    That’s cool Andrew, I reckon one of life’s greatest skills is knowing when to move forward from things. Love love looove the pics 🙂

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