Monday …

… is my least favourite day of the week I think.

Not a lot to report today, just another day at work, so here’s a few photographs to fill up the post. The last three are from yesterday, two robins and a kookaburra from my morning walk with Adrienne. The first one was on the way home from work tonight, the setting sun was throwing some beautiful light across the Woodlands Homestead paddocks, so I stopped and took a shot of my favourite derelict gate.

Derelict gate and Woodlands landscape 2012-05-21 (_MG_8225_6_7)
Woodlands and derelict gate in the setting sun light

Laughing Kookabura 2012-05-20 (_MG_8157)
“Kooka” having a stretch

Flame Robin female 2012-05-20 (_MG_8147)
Female Flame Robin

Red-capped Robin 2012-05-20 (_MG_8140)
Male Red-capped Robin


One Response to “Monday …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Because Monday is the start into the work week?

    I think Monday probably is the day loved at least in general. Poor Monday! 😦

    The pics are gorgeous! 😀

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