Grey Fantail

Up early again this morning for a walk and some sunrise photos, then Adrienne and I went into the Victoria Market. It wasn’t a Victoria Market “food shop” like we used to do every Saturday morning, rather a trip in to a particular craft stall to purchase some Australian gifts for my staff in Thailand who I am off to visit tomorrow night for a week long trip.

After lunch we took Jackie for a walk around the dam loop in Woodlands Park. There wasn’t a lot of bird activity, but I did manage to get a nice shot of a Grey Fantail which I’m particularly proud of because these little darlings are particularly hard to get good shots of because they are constantly hopping around from one spot to another, usually faster than I can focus. Even when they are stationary they tend to twitch their tails and flick their heads around so much that most shots are blurred. This little chap was flitting around the foliage just over the edge of the dam, and after following him around the branches for a few minutes I was lucky enough to get the shot below.

Weight still on track this morning at 74.4kg.

Grey Fantail 2012-05-26 (_MG_8400)
Grey Fantail

Somerton Road tree at sunrise this morning


One Response to “Grey Fantail”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Aww, what a cute fellow! The sunrise picture looks otherworldly!

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