Another weekend gone …

A busy weekend has quickly disappeared again, the highlight for us was the return of Chris from his USA holiday.

I had a couple of photo opportunities. I got up early on Saturday morning and drove into Docklands for sunrise, then called in at Royal Park Wetlands on the way home. It was very, very cold hanging out at Docklands pre-sunrise, so cold I had some trouble with frozen fingers operating the camera. I was happy with some of the shots I got though, so all worthwhile.

Sunday afternoon, I had a short walk around Woodlands. The light was not terribly good, and there was a cross-country run happening around the park which scared the birds a bit I think. I did manage to find a few robins though, but only one good photograph.

No photo opportunities today, absolutely terrible weather! Here’s hoping it fines up before next weeks long weekend!

Docklands morning 2012-06-02 (_MG_8547_8_9)
Docklands landscape, pre-sunrise

Docklands sunrise 2012-06-02 (_MG_8628_29_30)
Docklands sunrise, the blobs in the sky are hot air balloons

Cow up a Tree 2012-06-02 (_MG_8637_8_9)
“A cow up a tree” – street art, near Docklands

New Holland Honeyeater 2012-06-02 (_MG_8675)
New Holland Honeyeater, Royal Park Wetlands

Flame Robin 2012-06-03 (_MG_8724)
Flame Robin male, Woodlands Historic Park

2 Responses to “Another weekend gone …”

  1. Ewen Says:

    The Flame Robin is a stunning pic (and bird). Like the pre-sunrise one too.

  2. David Jenkins Says:


    I love the cow up a tree. It is interesting to think, though, unless someone knew what it was or was supposed to represent then it would be difficult to unravel. Photography and art have a lot in common along those lines.

    I once had a class and used a similar image, two students knew what it was as they worked at Docklands and had lunch near the cow regularly. Others had no idea what it was or the relevance.
    Funny old world.

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