Interestingness ?

I don’t know if “interestingness” is a proper word, but Flickr certainly thinks it is. Every day they put the top 500 photos posted each day into a special area called Explore, based on their secret “interestingness algorithm”. Five hundred each day might seem like a lot, but when you think that there were over 48,000 photos uploaded yesterday that were taken with exactly the same camera as I have (a Canon EOS 60D), then I’m guessing the total number of photos uploaded each day is a really, really big number.

So, I think it is a good thing if one of your photos is considered interesting enough to appear on the Explore page. I’m lucky enough to have had 17 of my photos in Explore.

These are them. Do you find them interesting? Which ones are highest on your “interestingness” scale?

Barbed wire on Rutledge Lane, July 27th, #443

Red-capped Robin, July 22nd, #423

RMIT Building, July 20th, #157

New Holland Honeyeater, July 20th, #316

Red-capped Robin, July 18, #299

Young Welcome Swallow 2012-07-14 (_MG_0944)
Young Welcome Swallow, July 15th, #345

Young kangaroo 2012-07-11 (_MG_0848)
Young kangaroo, July 10th, #394

Laughing Kookaburra, June 29th, #228

Emu Bottom bellows and forge, June 26, #409

Hosier Lane – The Joker,  June 22, #140

Princes Pier at sunset 2012-06-17 (_MG_9527_8_9)
Princes Pier at sunset, June 19th, #319

Sunset from Princes Pier, June 18th, #473

Princes Pier, June 16th, #277

Melbourne University Underground car park, June 16th, #397

Derelict gate on foggy morning, June 12th, #168

Derelict farmhouse on foggy morning, June 11th, #205

Shrine of Remembrance, June 9th 2012, #434


3 Responses to “Interestingness ?”

  1. Kathrynryn Says:

    Wow, congratulations 🙂

    The ones of Princes Pier are the ones I like best of these.

  2. morseyruns Says:

    Your photos are amazing Andrew, and very Interesting:) I have been taking photos of the other end of Station Pier when we go past it in our kayaks! Yours are much better.

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Congratulations! I love how your photography skills are improving! And you know I’m a fan of your bird and roo and landscape pics, but you also have such a good eye for interesting perspectives. I really like the university underground car park, it almost looks like a cathedral but also like a cave and almost organically grown.

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