Melbourne street art – My 2013 Top 30

As many of you would know, I’m a little obsessed with the wonderful street art around our city. Melbourne is renowned world-wide as a ciy with great street art.

So, here are my Top 30 street art pieces I’ve found in 2013 (some may have been painted earlier).

In no particular order.

Brain Foetus 2013-12-21 (IMG_7399)
Brain Foetus – Brunswick

Smug Fitzroy 2013-12-18 (IMG_7258-60)
Smug – Fitzroy

Dvate Sirum Glen Waverley 2013-12-14 (IMG_6949-6972)
Dvate and Sirum – Glen Waverley

Taylurk Shida Eno Two One Brunswick 2013-12-04 (IMG_6642-8)
Taylor White, Shida, Eno and Two One – Brunswick

Shadow sprayer  2013-12-01 (IMG_6245)
Dize – Yarraville

Aida Sabic Hosier Lane 2013-11-30 (IMG_6278-80)
Aida Sabic – Hosier Lane

Mimby Collingwood 2013-11-24 (IMG_5879)
Mimby Jones Robinson – Collingwood

Isolde Fitzroy 2013-11-15 (IMG_5493)
Isolde – Fitzroy

Deb 2013-11-17 (IMG_5793&5799&5805&5808&5814)
Deb – Melbourne CBD

Taylor White Hancock Ape Seven Brunswick 2013-10-27 (IMG_4731-3)
Taylor White, Ape Seven and Hancock – Brunswick

Lister Fitzroy 2013-10-27 (IMG_4561)
Lister – Fitzroy

Be Free Northcote 2013-10-12 (IMG_3545-7)
Be Free – Northcote

Two One Docklands 2013-10-12 (IMG_3671)
Two One – Docklands

Shida Croft Alley 2013-10-06 (IMG_3418-20)
Shida – Croft Alley

Two One Sofles Bonsai 2013-09-08 (IMG_2073-5)
Two One, Sofles, Bonsai – Roxburgh Park

Makatron and Blo Zebras Footscray 2013-08-25 (IMG_1643-5)
Makatron and Blo – Footscray

Lucy Lucy traffic signal box Reservoir 2013-08-11 (IMG_0952-57)
Lucy Lucy – Reservoir

Meggs and Steen Jones Northcote 2013-07-28 (IMG_0296-8)
Meggs and Steen Jones – Northcote

Kaffeine traffic signal box 2013-07-14 (IMG_8074&8077)
Kaffeine – Richmond

Stones by Sputnik, Brunswick 2013-07-13 (IMG_8014)
Sputnik – Brunswick

Linz 3rd Chapter 2013-07-06 (IMG_7607)
Linz – Collingwood

Unstoppable Collingwood 2013-07-06 (IMG_7754-6)
Rone and Wonderlust – Collingwood

Skipping Girl Drewery Place 2013-04-28 (IMG_5478-82)
Man of Darkness – Drewery Place

Fintan Magee West Melbourne 2013-04-13 (IMG_4157-63)
Fintan Magee – West Melbourne

Aerosol Alley Heesco Lion 2013-03-31 (IMG_3660_1_2)
Heesco – Windsor

Aerosol Alley Windsor "Pigs" 2013-03-16 (IMG_2262,2265,2268)
Heesco – Windsor

The Giant Storybook Project 2013-02-16 (IMG_1487)
Kaffeine – North Fitzroy

Union Lane "No Reason To Be Scared" 2013-02-08 (IMG_0976)
Herakut – Union Lane

Grace Cafe Fitzroy 2013-02-02 (IMG_0760_1_2)
Adnate – Fitzroy

Fitzroy street art "The Ambush" 2013-02-02 (IMG_0715-21)
Taylor White – Fitzroy


2 Responses to “Melbourne street art – My 2013 Top 30”

  1. Steven Taylor Says:

    Andrew, you certainly get around town. Seems you always have your camera with you, which is not a bad thing. Nice shots.

  2. canute1 Says:

    Those are amazing works of art. I found Isolde in Fitzroy especially captivating

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