My Favourite 20 Bird Photos 2013

Another of my loves, with my camera, is capturing images of our beautiful birds. I am lucky enough to live very close to Woodlands Historic Park which is home to many and varied species of birds.

I’ve selected my favourite 20 bird images taken in 2013, I hope you enjoy them.

My rules for selection were;
– no more than one photo for any one species
– no captive birds, only wild birds

You can click on any image to view it larger in Flickr.

In no particular order.

Striated Pardalote 2013-12-15 (_MG_3006)
Striated Pardalote, Woodlands Historic Park

White-winged Chough 2013-01-20 (_MG_9949)
White-winged Chough, Woodlands Historic Park

New Holland Honeyeater 2013-10-18 (_MG_2404)
New Holland Honeyeater, our back garden

Eastern Yellow Robin 2013-02-10 (_MG_0248)
Eastern Yellow Robin, Lemonade Creek Cottages, Lorne

Red-capped Robin 2013-10-29 (_MG_2585)
Red-capped Robin, Woodlands Historic Park

Superb Fairy-wren 2013-01-03 (_MG_9521)
Superb Fairy-wren, Woodlands Historic Park

Tawny Frogmouth 2013-10-17 (_MG_2325)
Tawny Frogmouth, Woodlands Historic Park

Sparrow 2013-12-31 (IMG_7970)
Sparrow, Melbourne Zoo

Peregrine Falcon 2013-11-22 (_MG_2902)
Peregrine Falcon, on our next door neighbour’s TV aerial

Rufous Whistler 2013-11-11 (_MG_2813)
Rufous Whistler, Woodlands Historic Park

Australian Magpie 2013-11-06 (IMG_5130)
Australian Magpie. Woodlands Historic Park

Magpie Lark 2013-09-14 (IMG_2377)
Magpie Lark, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

Purple Swamphen 2013-09-15 (_MG_1930)
Purple Swamphen, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

Brown Falcon 2013-09-25 (_MG_2048)
Brown Falcon, Providence Road, Greenvale

White-Necked Heron 2013-08-21 (_MG_1644)
White-necked Heron, Mickleham Road, Greenvale

Spotted Pardalote 2013-06-29 (_MG_1364)
Spotted Pardalote, Woodlands Historic Park

Black-shouldered Kite 2013-06-18 (_MG_1148)
Black-shouldered Kite, Woodlands Historic Park

Perched Pelicans 2013-05-18 (_MG_0964)
Pelicans, Western Treatment Plant

Eastern Spinebill 2013-02-12 (_MG_0316)
Eastern Spinebill, Lemonade Creek Cottages, Lorne

Kookaburra 2013-09-27 (_MG_2118)
Kookaburra, Woodlands Historic Park


2 Responses to “My Favourite 20 Bird Photos 2013”

  1. canute1 Says:

    It appears you spend many delightful hours in Woodlands Park, but it also appears that you are quick to catch the opportunistic shot in your neighbourhood. The brown falcon is majestic.

  2. Kent Robinson Says:

    Hey Andrew,

    I saw your work and Flickr and followed it to your blog and I just wanted to say your photos are awesome! Appreciate you sharing your work.

    I own a website called, it’s consumer web app that tests websites and we’re looking for some beautiful art to populate our backdrops and I was curious if you are open to having your work featured on our site? It would be free advertising for you and we’d give you full credit with a link to your site, we’re just looking to showcase some cool art.

    Let me know if you’d be interested.



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