Australian Dingo Foundation

I haven’t posted here for a while, rather just using Facebook and Flickr for on-line social chatter. However I had an experience today that justifies a post on this blog.

With the wonderful crew from Craigieburn Camera Club, Adrienne and I visited the Dingo Discovery Centre at Toolern Vale, home of the Australian Dingo Foundation. Founders Peter and Lyn Watson are passionate about preserving the gene pool of Australia’s native dog, the Dingo.

The Dingo is much maligned and misunderstood, and has been baited, trapped and hunted close to extinction in the wild.

It was a wonderfully educational, rewarding and fun day. Learning about how wonderful the Dingo is, how much more intelligent it is than the average domestic dog, and learning about how it has adapted to survive in the wild was fascinating, but actually meeting the dogs, including the oh-so gorgeous puppies was enthralling. They are such amazing creatures, so beautiful looking, so affectionate and playful. I am a “dog person”, I love all dogs, but these native dogs are extra special creatures – you can tell this quickly when you meet them.

Did you know;

  • The dingo is a true Australian native animal with recent geological and DNA evidence suggesting the species has been on the Australian continent for over 20,000 years.
  • The dingo is classified as a “pest” or “vermin” by some state governments.
  • Some state governments authorise baiting of these beautiful animals with the terribly cruel poison 1080 which is banned in many other countries.
  • A team from Yale University recently proved that the Dingo is significantly more intelligent than other dog breeds.
  • Dingoes have recently been recognised as a separate species. Previously it was thought that they had evolved from wolves.
  • They are incredibly flexible and are double jointed. They can rotate their head backwards.They have extraordinary 180 degree peripheral vision.
  • They have no scent.

We were allowed to interact with the puppies, and for some of us with the adult Dingoes too, for a couple of hours – what a treat.

Please “Like” the Australian Dingo Foundation Facebook page, and go and visit their website where you can find out a lot more about their story and how hard that Peter and Lyn are fighting to preserve these magnificent creatures.

Access to the Dingo Discovery Centre is by appointment only, and is restricted to a small part of the year (when puppies are present). Today was the last day for this year. Why not think about putting an entry in your 2015 diary to visit and find out more about our wonderful Dingo.

Adrienne and I chose to sponsor a Dingo today to try and do a little to help Lyn and Peter in their fight. Can you help too?

Dingo puppy 2014-08-31 (IMG_7272)

Bingo the Dingo 2014-08-31 (IMG_7326)

Dingo puppy 2014-08-31 (IMG_7293)

Bingo and pup 2014-08-31 (IMG_7298)


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