Melbourne street art – My 2014 Top 30

Having loaded 1000+ Melbourne street art images to Flickr in 2014, it’s clear I’m a little obsessed with the wonderful street art around our city. Melbourne is renowned world-wide as a city with great street art. So, here are my Top 30 street art pieces I’ve found in 2014 (some may have been painted earlier).

In no particular order.

Lucy Lucy Piggy-back 2013-03-31 (IMG_1744)Lucy Lucy – Glenroy

Mimby Fitzroy 2014-04-18 (IMG_2378)

Mimby Jones Robinson – Fitzroy

Adnate Sofles Smug 2014-08-16 (IMG_6614-6)

Adnate, Sofles, Smug – Preston

Dvate Shark Fitzroy 2014-06-15 (IMG_4805-7)
Dvate – Fitzroy

Makatron Collingwood 2014-11-15 (IMG_3814-6)
Makatron – Collingwood

Spil'ota Sirum Northcote 2014-06-21 (IMG_4955-7)
Sirum – Northcote

Itch Tawnies 2014-11-22 (IMG_3907-9)
Itch – Port Melbourne

Man of Darkness Duckboard Place 2014-01-18 (IMG_8611)
Man of Darkness – Duckboard Place

Baby Guerrilla Vic Uni 2014-03-08 (IMG_0330-6)
Baby Guerrilla – Footscray

Demon Down-Under Windsor 2014-03-08 (IMG_0227-9)
Heesco – Windsor

Gina the Hutt Heesco 2014-03-15 (IMG_0777&0783&0786&0792)
Heesco – Blender Studios laneway

Chopper Dvate 2014-11-15 (IMG_3844)
Dvate – Collingwood

Be Free Brunswick 2014-05-17 (IMG_3320)
Be Free – Brunswick

I & The Others Collingwood 2014-05-03 (IMG_3028)
I & The Others – Collingwood

RAD Section 8 2014-07-26 (IMG_6255)

Adnate Fitzroy 2014-08-30 (IMG_7197-203)
Adnate – Fitzroy

Barek Northcote 2014-11-29 (IMG_4130)
Barek – Northcote

Rone 2014-04-06 (IMG_1858-64)
Rone – CBD

ELK CBD 2014-01-03 (IMG_8035-7)

Kaffeine Fitzroy LISHYD 2014-01-31 (IMG_8844-6)
Kaffeine – Fitzroy

Emily Vanderlism CBD 2014-04-18 (IMG_2423-5)
Emily Vanderlism – CBD

Kaffeine Heartcore Fitzroy 2014-01-17 (IMG_8522-4)
Kaffeine – Fitzroy

Gus Hosier Lane 2014-04-18 (IMG_2411-3)
Gus – Hosier Lane

Adnate Fitzroy 2014-07-19 (IMG_6063)
Adnate – Fitzroy

Be Free Northcote 2014-04-25 (IMG_2682-4)
Be Free – Northcote

Dvate Richmond 2014-04-19 (IMG_2471-3)
Dvate – Richmond

Be Free Northcote 2014-03-16 (IMG_0878)
Be Free – Northcote

Hosier Lane 2014-02-16 (IMG_9562)
Unknown artist – Hosier Lane

Astrowitch Collingwood 2014-02-22 (IMG_9692)
Astrowitch – Collingwood

Akemi Ito Preston 2014-09-13 (IMG_7616-8)
Akemi Ito – Preston


2 Responses to “Melbourne street art – My 2014 Top 30”

  1. subversion20 Says:

    As always, love your work Andrew 🙂

  2. oldgirlnewtricks Says:

    Happy New Year, Andrew!

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