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Melbourne street art – My 2015 Top 25

January 28, 2016

Here’s my selection of my Top 25 street art pieces I’ve photographed in 2015.  

A really tough choice, there has been so much good art created this year.

A few artists have really been prolific this year too, so I have limited this collection to one per artist.

In no particular order.

Mike Eleven Richmond 2015-12-06 (_MG_4775-7)
Mike Eleven, Richmond

Adnate Collingwood 2015-12-04 (_MG_4574-6)
Adnate, Collingwood

Wrdsmith ACDC Lane 2015-11-22 (_MG_4302)
Wrdsmth, ACDC Lane

Baby Guerrilla Footscray 2015-09-06 (_MG_2682-4)
Baby Guerrilla, Footscray

Vincent Moloney Hawthorn 2015-08-09 (_MG_2108-10)
Vincent Moloney, Hawthorn

Cam Scale Fitzroy 2015-07-18 (_MG_1724)
Cam Scale, Fitzroy

Sirum Northcote 2015-06-27 (_MG_1198-200)
Sirum, Northcote

Isolde Fitzroy 2015-05-31 (_MG_1024)
Isolde, Fitzroy

Heesco ACDC Lane 2015-05-16 (_MG_0709)
Heesco, ACDC Lane

Maha Blender+ 2015-05-16 (_MG_0673)
Maha, CBD

Cel Out CBD 2015-04-18 (_MG_0303)
Cel Out, CBD

Mr Never Satisfied Carlton 2015-04-11 (_MG_0196&199&202&205&208&211&214&217&220&223)
Mr Never Satisfied, Carlton

Lucy Lucy Richmond 2015-04-11 (_MG_0178-80)
Lucy Lucy, Richmond

Guido Van Helten Askew Collingwood 2015-04-11 (_MG_0145-7)
Guido Van Helten and Askew, Collingwood

Fintan Magee Collingwood 2015-04-11 (_MG_0136-8)
Fintan Magee, Collingwood

Brunswick 2015-03-07 (IMG_7131-3)
Otis Chamberlain, Brunswick

Rone Mayo Brunswick 2015-08-09 (_MG_2105-7)
Rone, Brunswick

DNart Fitzroy 2015-03-05 (_MG_0048)
DNart, Fitzroy

Man of Darkness Blender 2015-04-03 (_MG_9882)
Man of Darkness, CBD

Makatron Brunswick 2015-04-03 (_MG_9798-800)
Makatron, Brunswick

Gus Hosier Lane 2015-03-09 (IMG_7236-8)
Gus, Hosier Lane

Barek Zhe155 Hosier Lane 2015-02-21 (IMG_6379)
Barek and Zhe155, Hosier Lane

Akemi Ito Duckboard Place 2015-01-01 (IMG_5092)
Akemi Ito, Duckboard Place

Be Free Kensington 2015-12-27 (_MG_5103-5)
Be Free, Kensington

Kaffeine Geloy Collingwood 2015-11-14 (_MG_4190-1)
Kaffeine and Geloy, Collingwood