My goals for 2008 are listed below.

General Health and Fitness Goals

To continue to exercise regularly;
– exercise on average at least 6 hours per week
– maintain the intensity of exercise and burn an average of > 3,600 calories per week
I finished the year missing both of these goals. My averages per week, for the year were 5.5 hours and 3365 calories. Whilst I officially missed the goal, I feel like I did enough to maintain my fitness levels, and therefore am happy. As the graph below shows there was a lot of variability during the year.

To continue to eat a sensible and balanced diet, and;
– maintain my weight at around the 75kg mark
– maintain my body-fat percentage within the 15-20% range.
I achieved these goals. I finished the year at a weight of 74.9 kg (just under!), with an average weight during the year of  73.7 kg. Body fat percentage finished the year at 18.5%, with an average during the year of 16.8%.

To implement and maintain a regular strength training routine;
– to perform a routine of upper body, lower body and core strength exercises, on average at least two half-hour sessions per week.
Designed a home workout routine, but failed to execute it frequently enough.

To listen to my body, be sensible, and stay injury free.
I think I listened and was sensible, adjusting my training towards the end of the year due to a niggly knee.

To try some new things;
– To participate in my first triathalon
Three triathlons completed.
– To try a pilates class.
Did not achieve this goal.

Running Goals

To participate in as many organised races (fun-runs) as I did in 2007, and to try a couple of different ones.
If I count the triathlons (which I am) then I succeeded in this goal.

To build some specific training sessions into my running training, eg speed sessions, hill training.
Hmmm … nup.

To get my 4km PB down under 17 minutes.
Accomplished this at Princes Park (Race 2 of the Super Sunset Series) with a time of 16:31.

Cycling Goals

To graduate to proper pedals and cleated shoes – without killing myself.
Had the cleats fitted on January 24th and am loving them. A couple of minor accidents, but nothing serious.

To participate in my first organised, group bike event (eg Round the Bay).
This did not happen, it will in 2009.

To get a 30km ride in at an average speed of 30km/hr or higher.
Have managed this three times so far; January 25th – 30.2km in 59:55 (30.2 km/hr), March 20th – 30.25km in 1:00:13 (30.1 km/hr), December 22nd – 30.05km in 59:10 (30.47 km/hr).


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