My goals for 2009 are listed below.

General Health and Fitness Goals

To continue to exercise regularly;
– exercise on average at least 5.5 hours per week
– maintain the intensity of exercise and burn an average of > 3,400 calories per week
Successfully achieved this goal! As the graph below shows there were some weeks above and some below, but the average was 6.3 hours and 4201 calories.

To continue to eat a sensible and balanced diet, and;
– maintain my weight at around the 75kg mark
– maintain my body-fat percentage within the 15-20% range.
Both stayed within range all year. I finished the year at 72.1kg and 17.7% BF, averages for the year were 74.1kg and 17.8% BF.

To implement and maintain a regular strength training routine;
– to perform a routine of upper body, lower body and core strength exercises, on average at least three half-hour sessions per week.
Got into the home workouts in May, and kept it up consistently for the rest of the year.

To listen to my body, be sensible, and stay injury free.
Knee niggles earlier in the year slowed me a bit, but seeking medical help got me a proper diagnosis and action plan for long term healing that seems to be working. Some calf niggles late in the year also worried me, but overall I think that I have managed my injuries more sensibly and with better results than before.

To try a pilates class.
Giving up my gym membership meant that I missed this one this year.

Running Goals

To better any 2 of my race PBs. Hopefully one shorter (10km or less) and one longer (half or full marathon) distance.
Run Melbourne (28th June) – new 5km PB of 0:23:15
The long distance PB goal was missed due to managing injuries.

Cycling Goals

To complete at least four 30@30 (30+km at 30 km/hr or more) rides.
21st January – 30.14 km in 58:42, 30.81 km/hr – HR 162 max, 145 avg.
3rd February – 30.03 km in 59:44, 30.16 km/hr – HR 173 max, 153 avg.
18th September –
31.26 km in 1:01:51, 30.30 km/hr – HR 156 max, 141 avg.
27th December – 31.58 km in 1:02:50, 30.20 km/hr – HR 156 max, 140 avg.

To participate in three organised, group bike events.
Amy’s Ride – 4th January.
Great Ocean Road Otway Classic – 28th March.
Missed the third one!


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