Watching the kangaroos in Woodlands Historic Park is one of my favourite things. They are wonderful photography subjects because they love to look directly at you. They are beautiful animals, here are some of my favourite shots.

Kangaroo in the grass, 2012-02-01 (_MG_1958)
Kangaroo in the grass

Kangaroo female 2012-05-12 (_MG_7789)
One of the prettiest female kangaroos I’ve photographed

Kangaroo and joey 2012-04-01 (_MG_5540)
Kangaroo with Joey

Kangaroos early morning, 2012-01-22 (_MG_1590)
Kangaroos in the early morning

Mum and young kangaroo 2012-05-17 (_MG_7983)
Mum and young kangaroo

Kangaroo Swain St 2012-02-15 (_MG_2543)
Large male kangaroo, near Swain St entrance

Kangaroo watching 2012-03-17 (_MG_4755)
Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?


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